Butterfly Garaydia ALC

Butterfly Garaydia ALC Blade
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User Ratings (12)

Speed 8.8
Control 8.7
Stiffness 5.4   
Hardness 6.0   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.5   
Always identical
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Plies 5
Materials Hinoki, ALC, Kiri
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Reviews (7)

jerem  on 6/22/2016

Quite big, catchy handle it's really comfy if you got average/bigger(euro size) handsThis blade is quite special, works great with poly ball (feeling sense) with right rubbers this blade is great offensive blade for controling game. It's not just a looping blade or blocking blade it's a mix of both. Garaydia ALC match perfectly with T05 rubbers, however it will work well with any medium-hard EURO/JAP rubbers. I tried some tacky chineese on forehand (untuned) and they were hard to use due to throw not the speed. Blade has medium throw so anything with medium-high throw will work. Perfect blade for blocking it's as stable as Viscaria and has even more crisp touch. With poly ball I would bet it's one of the most controllable offensive blade for all-around offensive game. You can execute all shots with this blade it shine near to the table, thanks to crisp direct feel. You can block hard attack with slightly closed head (T05max on BH) and vary the pace of ball. Loops look perfectly same if you got right techinque. If you are Tenergy user and poly ball made you mad, maybe Garaydia ALC is the answer, it's just perfect with them. You can't go wrong with this blade. It's premium offensive blade with great control not so springy but has a kick if you want it, very linear, straight and direct. You can play slow spinny loops and then just drive the opponent all around with no worries of too high or too long balls.This blade has all propeties of ALC (great balance between harness and stiffnes - perfect dwell time for modern game) and soft but direct feel of Hinoki with sensational feel of the ball. No vibrations at all, crisp ball contact but not dull. I would rather look for something more flexy if you want to use tacky hard rubber on FH side. I would not reccomend it for a first blade but if you got basics pairing this blade with more controllable rubbers (FX versions, XVE/XVP ect.) and I am sure it will not lack anything. Enough spin, speed and control. A must have!
atulpandey  on 9/27/2016

I love this blade. After changing many times. From 729, then Zhang Alc, TMB ALC, Sardius. I now I will stop changing to enjoy my life with Garaydia ALC. It's very good control, speed. And the logo is so beautiful!
chubbychopper  on 5/8/2016

It's tough to give proper ratings on here, as they're all subjective based on what you've used before. I own the Garaydia ALC & the ZLC. The ALC is definitely a bit slower and slightly less stiff/hard. They're both fairly hard and stiff, as far as blades go. Not quite as solid as, say, a 7 ply all-wood blade (timo boll w7, ebenholz 7, or mazunov). These garaydia are a tad bit lighter in comparison, and so feel a bit more flexy. I would say if you block more than you loop or hit, you're better off with a stiff 7 ply. The garaydia alc is my new favorite blade-from the thicker handle to the superb feel and quality, it seems to excel in every aspect of the game (aside from chopping). It feels a bit weaker off the table than some other power blades, though far from a kid's toy! I was using the Liu Shiwen blade. The ALC has fixed all the issues I had with the LSW! Slight more speed, slight more stiffness, thicker & heavier! In truth, the butterfly blade comparison chart that they released is pretty accurate. Consult that page before buying any butterfly blade. I've put OX long pips (d.techs) on the ALC... and man, the amount of reversal it gives off is incredible! Blocked top spins go back with a heavy amount of backspin, resulting in great trouble for your opponents. The only downside here is that the overall blade weight is VERY light! Around 140 grams with inverted (tenergy 25) on one side. Wonderful for looping near the table and back to mid-distance. Blocks are stable and consistent with a bit of pace behind them. Probably a bit too fast for passive defending, unless you've got the skill to handle it. The garaydia is definitely a step up from the Innerforce Layer. Harder, faster. I'd say the garaydia fits the block and drive style quite a bit, as opposed to stepping back and power looping most balls. If that is your preference, you're most likely better off with something from the innerforce layer series or a timo boll spirit/boll alc/zhang jike alc.
Icelander  on 3/19/2016

Fantastic blade, in all aspects. This one is a game changer. The low arc suits me really well and it has a slight flex to it which seems to make "wristing" the short, sharp underspin balls real easy. I will not be buying another blade until this one breaks. Mid distance looping is a breeze, and at 125 bucks, the price is fairly high, but totally worth it if it suits you like it does me.. Away from the table, it may lack a bit of power if you have lazy footwork, and poor body form in your strokes... but with correct form and good use of the wrist, it can really get some powerful shots going, maybe because it's much thicker than other blades of years past... Highly recommended if you've been training for 1 year + Will be updating this review as I play with it a bit more... it was quite the risk buying it because of no reviews!(or only one...)
Kenny_borefjall  2 months ago

Love this blade. Using it with Tenergy 05 on FH and Joola Golden Tango PS on BH and they work really well. Very fast blade of course so not for beginners. Though, for an offensive blade it has great feel and control, one of the best out there. Absolutely love the handle as well. The trajectory feels low, so a good technique and timing is required, otherwise the ball can go ut of the table quite easily. The blade feels quite stiff and because of the 2 ALC-fibers you don't feel that much of the ball or any vibration I think. I never find it hard to create power from any distance, and if you use your body and the right movement in your strokes, you will produce some killer shots! Recommend it to players who want to play a fast, spinny, offensive game, but seek some control in at the same time. Great blade!

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