Butterfly Garaydia T5000

Butterfly Garaydia T5000 Blade
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User Ratings (10)

Speed 9.4
Control 8.5
Stiffness 8.9   
Very stiff
Hardness 7.0   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.2   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 93 / 100
Control 89 / 100
Weight 90g
Plies 5
Thickness 7.2mm
There are 1 users using the Butterfly Garaydia T5000.
- Powerful Offensive
- T5000 Carbon fibers are responsible for the sheer power and stability of the new Garaydia T5000.
- Its thick wood veneer lend extra speed to score with fast topspins and smashes.

Reviews (7)

chubbychopper  on 6/28/2017

Very speedy blade with a nice, thick handle (ST). It is extremely stiff, with almost no give to it. However, it is not the hardest blade out there. With the substantial hinoki wood layers on the outside, it does have a relatively medium hardness despite the high speed and very fast, direct rebound effect. A tremendous blocking weapon! If you like stiff and fast blades, the blocks will be returned as bullets! That being the case, the looping ability is sacrificed some. Harder to play soft shots over the table such as pushes. You can use less power to get more effect, though. It feels quite touchy as a result. You need to enjoy a powerful style of play. Not delicate touches or even really spin based games, since other blades do that better. It does spin wonderfully, still, just using a different approach to the game. Flicks over the table are terribly lethal! Chops are difficult to do yourself, as expected. But you can loop them back with tons of power! Favors a forceful kind of player, one who either likes to attack with great gusto -- or for players who don't have big strokes, and want to utilize the blades built in speed to make up for their own small movements. The consistency is brilliant! Every hit does as you think it will. This is not to say the t5000 is easy to control... only that it behaves the same way each time, for better or worse.
monkey  on 11/2/2015

This blade is very good speed and spin than Sardius i use Baracuda FH and Rakza x Soft BH good control sweet sport very large I love.
Diogog  on 10/25/2018

I am a beginner, with 1.5 years of practice, 3 times a week - I think it is important that in these evaluations there are also rookies who inform other rookies :) I am an aggressive player but still with bad footwork. I started with all-woods hinoki (Darker's 7 ply and Xiom S7), then Butterfly TBS. Three months ago I bought the Garaydia T5, which I like because it is very fast and forces me to develop the footwork - it is impossible to play with it without moving well. The feel has very little vibration and believe me, the blade is fast as hell, a little hard to control but helps to return the ball fast with small movements. At my club, two very experienced players have similar (old) blades: BTY Schlager Carbon, that has little more dwell time and similar speed, and a old Primorac Carbon that has even more dwell but less speed. For me, what is hard to do is the slow topspin, but both my colleagues are able to do it well with my blade with lots of spin and / or punch, even against "chop" short services - thats my fault my bad spin, because I was using bad techniques with previous woods that have lots of dwell helping to "grab" the ball. In sum, I think this blade is now helping me to evolve, forcing me to devellop good footwork and to improve my topspin technique. I reccomend soft rubbers, now using Xiom Omega VII Euro and Stiga Calibra Sound lt, both MAX. And YES, that's my best blade!
TTDB15  on 6/30/2017

BTY Garaydia T5000 is a off++, build quality from BTY is outstanding although a more premium box (like Dhs Long 5 box is better, but that is just marketing), throw angle is medium, awesome for smash and block but lifting heavy backspin balls needs some adjustments. Paired with Tenergy 05 for FH + BH is great combination.
Biggell  on 11/23/2016

I just brought a second one with mxp on the fh,bh t 05 fx. My set up is t.05 fh,bh t05fx loops are incredibly fast and spinny on my first setup fh,and bh.i will definitely give you a update about the mxp in a couple of weeks.

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