Butterfly Garaydia ZLC

Butterfly Garaydia ZLC Blade
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User Ratings (19)

Speed 9.2
Control 8.9
Stiffness 6.6   
Hardness 6.3   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.9   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 12 / 10
Control 13 / 10
Weight 89g +/- 5g
Plies 5
Materials Thick Hinoki Outer Ply, ZL Carbon, Thick Balsa Center Ply, ZL Carbon, Thick Hinoki Outer Ply
Thickness 7.1mm
There are 5 users using the Butterfly Garaydia ZLC.
All new for 2015 the Butterfly Garaydia ZLC is a high rebound model with ZL-Carbon fibers focused on balancing powerful speed and extreme control.

Equipped with lightweight ZL-Carbon fibers the Garaydia ZLC boasts speed while also providing high ball rotation. Its thick 3-ply wood veneer construction enhanced by 2 ZL-Carbon fibers makes you feel like you're grabbing the ball while still bringing plenty of power.

Its ZL-Carbon fibers placed closer to the middle of the blade lends stability, a spinny touch while still keeping the ball trajectory relatively low. The Garaydia ZLC - open up yourself to a whole new world of possibilities for uncompromising attacks!

Reviews (12)

boyboy  on 10/11/2016

Mine is a chinese penhold with 05 fh and rzkza x on the back. Excellent power with so many gears, esp so much power on the fh with soft feel. I've also have the alc it is also good but less power but still a very good blade, i've got nittaku h3 neo national on fh and provincial on the back. I've tried about 25 blades in 5 years I really like these two, worth every penny I paid.
BriDav12  on 4/28/2016

Such a beautifully crafted blade. Of the 15+ nice blades I've owned, this one (along with the alc version, which I also own) feels by far the most premium. I thought that a control rating of 9 had to be exaggerated before i purchased it. However, the level of control and feeling is remarkable in such a quick blade. While promotional material describes it as ideal for close range play, I find that it is a fantastic mid distance weapon as well. While I love my garaydia alc as well, the zlc has that lethal extra kick away from the table that make a difference in a tight match. I play with T05 FH and T80 BH, and aggressively looping underspin is a breeze with this setup. While the short game will never be my strong point, i was pleased with this blade's performance in the short game. I am undoubtedly honeymooning with this blade, but I simply love it so far. The only caution I would give is that the Garaydia zlc would probably be a little aggressive for anyone under solid intermediate level.
minhsquirrel  on 12/1/2015

I was hesitant to make the move to this paddle, as I was fairly happy using my donic black devil carbon, which was the fastest blade at the club, but it just seemed that my game had to revolve around the playing characteristics of that blade, so I was tempted to get the garaydia t5000, but speed isnt the say all be all, or else I would still be using the black devil. Once switching to this paddle, the price tag became obvious, well worth the money, there is a reason for that price. In the short game, it is very dynamic and controllable, with a light touch. For away from the table, it has enough power to rip the ball, and best of all, it is flexible enough to impact tremendous spin, and allows for easy looping. My game has now been able to evolve in all categories, as this blade CAN do it all, at a high level.
JUNGLESTRUT24  on 6/13/2015

Brand spanking new for 2015 is a very fine and exquisitely designed blade from Butterfly's latest offering. It has the latest cutting edge design technology with ZLC and this blade is absolutely gorgeously stunning as well. I really like the green jade jem placed on the lower part of backhand side of the handle - such a beauty to behold! The 1.6 mm thick outer Hinoki plies on both sides feel like heaven and provides very little vibration. You can really feel like you're gripping the ball. I don't believe outer plies this thick are even available on any other blade in the market - let alone in Kiso Hinoki. For me personally it is just a bit fast and harder to control when paired with Tenergy's. However if you're over 2200 you'll probably do just fine. That's when you can make the speed really shine. Try one out at your local club if you can or you can purchase mine here -> goo.gl/N68FrN for a deal on eBay if you're interested. Thanks :)
tktopgun  2 months ago

I own many awesome blades and this one sits there at the top along with my Donic Waldner World Champion '89 blade (both with different characteristics but with the same results). Paired the blade with Tibhar Evolution FX-P MAX on both sides. Very powerful when hitting hard and the sound is music to the ears. Great combination for blocking and ball placement. Very nice control with a medium trajectory as long as proper technique is used. The blade is well constructed with thick Japanese Hinoki outer plies, ZLC, and Kiri center ply. The blade without rubber weighed 91 grams and when the rubber and side tape was added the total weight is 186 grams (perfect) using 2 digital scales for accuracy and both had equal numbers. When comparing the Garaydia ZLC to the Donic Otvcharov Carbospeed blade with the same origin and make-up they almost sound identical with the same great characteristics and playing ability. The one feature I do like with the Garaydia ZLC is how well the flared handle sits in my hand (very comfortable). Great looking blade give it a try. 5 STAR blade with a 10.

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