Butterfly Gionis Carbon Off

Butterfly Gionis Carbon Off Blade
Approx. $ 74 USD
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User Ratings (8)

Speed 8.4
Control 7.8
Stiffness 5.3   
Hardness 6.1   
Medium hard
Consistency 7.9   
Always identical
Overall 7.8 10
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Reviews (4)

Mucr21  4 weeks ago

Poor design and badly manufactured. I barely touched the table with it and it started to break on the sides and close to the handle. Its very uncomfortable as well (tried both st and fl). Butterfly should do better. Same goes for AR+.
Ouchy  9 months ago

Great off blade from Butterfly. Head size 152 is perfect for all+ off game. Not too stiff so that enough dwell time when looping from near and mid distance. I pair it with Galaxy Big Dipper (FH) and Tibhar Aurus Soft (BH), and the feel is nice. Good amount of spin in short play with good speed and control. Great consistency in mid rally from mid distance. Simple design with old school looks...after changed it with MX-P on FH and MX-S on BH, the consistency on looping and flicking is upgraded...
jacekgm  on 7/29/2017

I needed a replacement for my old and unusually heavy yet powerful Juic Stellan B. Alpha Fl, 95 g. The Gionis Carbon series of blades looks like an interesting option to try for intermediates who need control and power, in my case for the LP on BH (mostly block occasional chop) and inverted FH style. All in all, I decided to try the Gionis Carbon Off blade... For a moderate price, I think this is a superb blade, about OFF- in speed, mine is 95 grams, with a flared handle. The blade is very good for the LP on BH style I play. With 0.5 mm PR1 on BH and Max Donic JP03 on FH it does very well all I want it to do. The blade face is medium big at 159x152 mm, 5+2 layers, thick enough for my blocking pip play at 6.2 mm, with a big flared handle, which I sanded to shape and I just love how it feels. This blade has a great balance, actually reminds me the Juic SBA, maybe it is better for looping because my heavy SBAlpha was too stiff. I really, really like the Gionis Carbon Off feel when hitting, driving and blocking, some vibration is there, yet at just the right level. Serves work well, and when I am pushed away from the table the blade has the power and balance for looping, fishing, chopping or lobbing. Definitely worthy a try!
ttcobra  on 4/10/2015

Great blade for this low price. Amazing finishing, a little heavey but very very nice in short game and away from the table.

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