Butterfly Grubba Pro

Butterfly Grubba Pro Blade
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User Ratings (8)

Speed 6.3
Control 9.2
Stiffness 3.5   
Some flex
Hardness 4.5   
Consistency 7.9   
Always identical
Overall 8.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 5.2 / 10
Control 9.9 / 10
Weight 85g
Plies 5
Materials Wood
There are 4 users using the Butterfly Grubba Pro.
The Grubba Pro blade is excellent for touch blocks, high-spin loops at the table, consistent mid-range play and the chop game from long distances.

Reviews (7)

terente  on 1/24/2016

Very good blade, not only for begginers...
jonathan_frederick  on 12/5/2015

this is a blade I own My dad had it for 28 years now I own it.I now turn 13 on 1/12/15. I am using Tenergy 80 on both sides . It is a great blade with great control .Comfortable grip,very light blade,great for looping and chopping. I love this blade.Great control,good blocks,great for defending and attacking at mid range.Its a very deadly racket with Tenergy 80 on both sides with 9.4 spin+speed+grubba pro blade FL=deadly racket.
Frogger  on 6/2/2015

This blade is slow but great for defenders or beginners,allrounders due to long dwell time. This blade can produce massive spin with spinny rubber. Anatomic handle feels nice, the flared feels small. With faster rubbers like Sriver, MarkV, Bryce it feels like you can return everything due to the long dwell time of the blade. A nice slower blade from Butterfly. Update. Pair this with T05 1.7, 1.9 on FH for great defensive chopping or strong loops/hitting. Makes a great combi racket with T05 and SP's/anti/ long pips on reverse side with very nice control.
uppuluri  on 3/14/2013

In the 1990s there was an old top of the line Grubba Pro ALL blade model with a flared handle. Similarly older model Grubba Pro AN blades were made from high quality materials. Fine and smooth furface finish and rather durable with no tendency to splinter. The quality of this model seems to have deteriorated over the years. It is a good blade for an all round game. Chop and Blocks well. Chinese long pimpled rubbers (OX / thin Sponged) seem to work well when paired with this blade. So is the case with Andro Hexer HD. Stiga Chop and Driove suits the FH side well. The popularity is fading with the legendary Grubba dead and gone long back.
firetack  on 8/31/2011

a nice step up for me coming from donic defplay senso,my chops are still good,but the f/h topspin is much improved,using a tenergy 05 fx on f/h 1.7 and it is more accurate/consistent on the grubba

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