Butterfly Hadraw VK

Butterfly Hadraw VK Blade
Approx. $ 100 USD
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User Ratings (3)

Speed 8.6
Control 8.5
Stiffness 5.0   
Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Plies 5
Thickness 5.7mm
There are 2 users using the Butterfly Hadraw VK.
Classic Offensive

Fans of classic offensive blades feel right at home with the new Hadraw VK blade and its harder outer veneers.

The 5-ply blade offers power and security in versatile topspin play as well as passive block and counter shots.

Reviews (2)

frogec  on 4/30/2017

I've been playing with this blade (AN) for about a month. I am using MX-P rubbers on both sides. Anatomic (AN) handle feels great and fits nicely into my larger hands. What I like about this product is great feedback on every ball and good consistency. It is also light so even heavy MX-P rubbers don't make the whole racket too heavy. It offers enough speed for good first spin attack. Also it has many gears so you can keep ball in play and make a counter attack, which I believe, are things that are quite essential with the new(ish) slower plastic ball. I can create wide angles and difficult balls for the opponent so this blade is great for mixing up the game. On the other hand, the blade could come as too slow for ultimate attackers, and it may be a bit to light for executing an optimal serve. Pros: great control, lightweight, consistent, many gears, great for taller players (like me :) ) who need a bit more time to set up a good shot, great for OFF-/ALL+ play. Cons: To slow for aggressive offensive play, lacks a bit of weight on serve. #####*After playing for 9 months *##### I am still enjoying using this blade. All points from my review are still valid. I've played whole season with it and I am planning to use it in the future. I've changed rubbers from MX-P to T05, because MX-Ps wore off. Both rubbers play great. T05 is still very fast, but not as explosive as MX-P. T05 offer more consistency and easier top spin game. Feedback from the blade is really great. I've tried my teammates blade Korbel SK7/T05. I may be biased, but Hadraw VK felt much better than Korbel SK7. SK7 felt bit heavy and a bit to fast for me, with less feedback (It's an OFF blade so that was to be expected ). So yeah, I'm still having fun playing with this blade.
SLupsalaht  on 3/5/2017

***Update*** Been using this for about 1 year, and I like it more and more each day. This one has the benefits you'd expect from an 5-ply all wood blade: Great feeling, flex and dwell for spinning the ball up, with high control on all strokes. For a 5 ply all wood blade, this is quite fast at around Petr Korbel speed ("VK" refers to "V" for 5 ply, and "K" for "Korbel"). What's different is that it's quite light (around 80 grams), and not at all head heavy like Korbel can get. I throw on the heaviest and fastest rubbers, and racket is very light. Complete confidence in all strokes with great feedback, everything is very easy. At the same time though, I can get my attacking shots deep on the table and pressure my opponents from mid distance. As you'd expect from Butterfly at this price point, the finishing and build quality are great.

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