Butterfly Innerforce AL

Butterfly Innerforce AL Blade
Approx. $ 150 USD
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User Ratings (20)

Speed 8.2
Control 8.6
Stiffness 4.5   
Hardness 4.6   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 8.0 / 10
Control 8.0 / 10
Weight 90g
Plies 7
Materials 2 plies of AL Carbon
There are 5 users using the Butterfly Innerforce AL.
The new Innerforce AL is designed for the modern mid-distance topspin attacking style of play. The Innerforce AL is a vibration free, flexible blade with a high ball arc that makes for effortless counterlooping from mid distance. This is a real dream blade for the topspin player who enjoys producing a wide range of topspin returns.

Stiffness: Soft

Reviews (11)

Sami Onur Zaim  on 1/9/2011

I like chinese style attacking. I usually look for a chance to loop with my forehand but I also have good backhand attack power and spin. I used Stiga allround evolution and stiga clipper before, I thought they were the best but after trying this blade this blade is the best for controling and consistent attack. The blade is springy somehow you can control the direction of the ball and the speed of the ball during thew dwell time. Unlike the Timo Boll series this blade also fits with all kind of rubbers like chinese rubbers and european rubbers. This blade has the control of all + blade close to table while you can loop with such spin and power far from table. I love this blade and I am looking forward to buy new one as backup racket. I can not recommend flared handle for big handed players because it is small. If you like flexible blade + hard rubber combo you should not pass this blade.
terente  on 6/18/2016

It is elastic blade with a little vibration and have more power than other Innerforce blade ( i think) and control is amazing...
foz  on 2/1/2015

10/10 for me, I love it! Paired with t80fx max both sides it has great control from all areas with loads of spin and enough pace for counter play away from table, has a great feel with not too much vibration, and gives you that" can't miss" feeling even when you're not quite at your best! I've tried dozens of blades but this truly IS the best!
Armoniul  on 9/26/2014

Innerforce Al has much more control and power than balsa carbo x5
Frogger  on 3/12/2014

A high quality flexy fast blade. A very nice choice for anyone looking for a composite blade with good control and good speed. Pair it with T05/H3 to create a spin machine mid distance. Great for many players seeking a more flexible high quality blade. Outstanding for loopers.

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