Butterfly Innerforce Layer AL

Butterfly Innerforce Layer AL Blade
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User Ratings (3)

Speed 8.3
Control 8.8
Stiffness 3.0   
Some flex
Hardness 3.7   
Medium soft
Consistency 5.0   
Occasional variations
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 90g
Plies 7
The Innerforce Layer AL is a lightweight and shock absorbing blade.

It's well balanced and oriented towards heavy spin.

Reviews (3)

bonchef  on 11/29/2016

This blade was designed for Tenergy or some other tensor rubber from last generation. If you use weak rubber yours bat was suffering from power. This is not OFF blade rather ALL+ to OFF- . The blade have not a catapult effect like Viscaria.
EquipmentJunky  on 10/5/2016

This blade is very flexy. Maybe it's because the outer wood is very soft and the middle is hard yet very responsive, almost springy. It gave the ball a catapult effect and sometimes made the ball unpredictable. If you hit the ball with the tip of the blade the blade will flex a lot and change the ball angle to very high from medium high. If you hit the ball in the sweet spot the blades flex will give the ball crazy spin. Yes! this blade will amplify your spin by alot more than 40% at the cost of some speed. This blade is better that the butterfly viscaria when it comes to counter looping or looping in general. You want to loop under spin, easy, want to counter loop easy, want to place the ball short, super easy. Want to smash. Crap the ball got lunched to idk where. The gears on this is crazy and weird. When it comes to power its not powerful enough or not consistent enough to hit/drive with. This is for players who loop the hell out of everything. O and the short game is the best with this blade just not far from the table. PS sorry for typos Is good with tenergy 05,25,slow but super spinny with DHS hurricane 3neo. and other looping rubbers.
Boano42  on 3/24/2016

PLEASE READ! I have just bought this blade and I am still awaiting its arrival. Some of you may be wondering "why is he writing a review?" Well, what I am going to do is write this to give you guys an insight as to *WHY* I choose this as my next blade. Currently (and for the past 3 years) I have been using the Primorac Classic. This blade is best for beginners! why? because it has helped me build the foundation of proper strokes, touch, and feel! I felt that it was time to advance to a faster blade, but nothing too fast like some of the other offensive+ blades because I feel that I am not ready to use them. So my main reasoning was to find a blade that still offered control, but *SLIGHTLY* faster than the Primorac Classic I have been using. You can even compare the stats of both blades using this websites database and you'll find that they are fairly similar, Innerforce AL being slightly better. I will write another review after using this blade with the Yasaka Rising Dragon rubber.

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