Butterfly Innerforce ZLC

Butterfly Innerforce ZLC Blade
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User Ratings (60)

Speed 9.2
Control 8.9
Stiffness 4.8   
Hardness 5.8   
Consistency 9.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 92 / 100
Control 75 / 100
Plies 7
Materials ZL Fiber and Carbon
There are 15 users using the Butterfly Innerforce ZLC.
The most recent innovation from Butterfly. ZL Carbon provides a totally new feeling of ‘Holding the Ball’. Speed, spin and control unite in this blade to provide superb balance.

Reviews (38)

ivamaistru  on 7/9/2014

i played with TIMO BOLL SPIRIT (TBS) - 1 year, INNERFORCE ALC - 1,3 year and INNERFORCE ZLC 1/2 year. INNERFORCE ZLC for me is almost perfect 10, (maybe it is a blade in the world for me perfect 10 :)), ok speed i think 9,6 maybe timo boll tamca 5000 is 10, INNERFORCE ALC 8 and TBS 7,5, feel 10 for INNERFORCE ZLC, INNERFORCE ALC 9,5 and TBS 8, no comparative innerforce blades than TBS, (with same rubber tenergy 05 2,1 FH and BH), control INNERFORCE ZLC 10 INNERFORCE ALC 9,5 and TBS 7,5, POWER INNERFORCE ZLC 9,5 INNERFORCE ALC 8 and TBS 7.5. I think INNERFORCE ZLC is a BEST BUY. I played table tennis for 30 years, sorry for my poor english.
BriDav12  on 1/5/2016

I agree with another reviewer that this blade just feels right. The IF ZLC possesses a special quality that I've yet to experience elsewehere. In fact, I've spent an embarrassing amount of $$ trying to top this blade. Yet the TBS, IF ZLF, IF ALC, Vega Europe (blade), etc. have all failed to approach the quality if this blade. The IF ZLC is plenty fast, yet it has impressive control. It has just enough flex, but is stiff enough to be stable and assertive. It plays as well close to the table as it does at distance. It also pairs well with different types of rubber (though I particularly love a medium-hard rubber like Rakza 7 on it). For my offensive, 2 winged style, this blade is at the top of the heap
multispoke  on 4/4/2014

This was my first decent carbon blade. Took a quantum leap of faith in paying Euro 160 for it and then another Euro 150 for a backup blade. First weighted 89 grams (ST) and the 2nd 93 grams (AN). The FH of the AN and the BH of the lighter ST was the perfect combination so I've found myself moving between the 2 blades mostly using T05s working up from a 1.7 / 1.9 to a Max thickness. This is a fabulous blade but it tends to have 2 gears. One is that it's kinda slow and then when you start to hit with it speed increases substantially so I suppose you could say it's not linear. It takes a lot of learning. Unique blade with a lot of vibrations and the ZLC is deep within the blade past 2 layers of Limba. When I bought this blade I didn't have the skills to control it and when back to a Xiom Zetra Quad but then missed the extra gear that this blade possessed. A blade that I've had no regrets buying and makes you want to play more table tennis than humanly possible. On full song it's quite brilliant but somehow misses the middle gear. Still highly recommended but it is a fast blade and takes a lot concentration. Once you've used the carbon technology of ZLC nothing else seems as good. P.S. This blade in the heavier weight of 193 grams is Stiff compared to the medium rating I've given of the lighter ST handle one of 189 grams.
jrado  on 10/2/2013

This is a blade that has extraordinary touch and godly control. It does everything well. In the hands of a skillful advanced player, this blade can be very fast, it can also be as slow as you please and everything in-between. I have used over fifty blades from different manufacturers and this is the best one by far. This blade maximizes all my strengths and is forgiving with my weaknesses. It is the best OFF blade as far as I am aware. PM me if you have any additional questions. UPDATE: I just received my second InnerForce ZLC blade this morning. It weighed in at 79 grams! I re-calibrated my scale and triple checked it, so this is an accurate weight for the blade. The reason I triple checked it is because the first InnerForce ZLC I received just last week weighed in at 84 grams. That is quite a difference. Not sure why there is so much fluctuation. Both blades have outstanding playing characteristics that suit my style of playing perfectly. Just thought I would share with the rest of my table tennis friends.
TTmaster1  on 8/3/2013

Guys, if you're looking for a blade that fits your tenergy 05 don't hesitate and buy this blade, it's the perfect blade for it! reasons: 1) it blocks like a wall 2) it has very good throw --> bye bye bounciness (med/high) 3) Mid-distance is very good! 4) has good speed, 9.5/10 5) Has the best control of all carbon blades perfectly 10 6) it's beautiful 7) it doesn't break 8) the short game is amazing, it flicks, it pushes, it is good in the short game.. 9) and serving is so massive your opponent can't believe it! The only thing is the price, but believe me after this you don't need another blade so the price is also very good! Have fun!

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