Butterfly Innershield ZLF

Butterfly Innershield ZLF Blade
Approx. $ 184 USD
Price $

User Ratings (7)

Speed 6.7
Control 9.4
Stiffness 2.5   
Some flex
Hardness 2.8   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.0 / 10
Control 9.0 / 10
Weight 82g
Plies 7
Materials 2 plies of ZL fiber
Thickness 5.1mm
Finally, a new high-tech blade especially designed for the demands of the modern defensive game. The Innershield is Butterfly's first defensive blade to make use of Butterfly's very popular ZL fiber. The use of ZL fiber allows the production of a lightweight oversized blade that has both great dwell time for chopping and plenty of power for explosive counterloops. Unlike most defensive blades that either chop well, but don't have enough power, or attack well and are hard to control when chopping, the Innershield blade can do it all! The Innershield is uncompromising in both quality and performance for the modern chop and loop game.

Reviews (6)

chubbychopper  on 7/19/2017

Very nice blade for chops and lobs. Somewhat slow speed, lots of flex. It has a strong deadening effect as well. Due to that, the ZLF doesn't seem to play passive shots very well. You need active, spin-based strokes for it to really shine. Blocks go back shorter than imagined, so not a great choice for any power blockers out there. It does have a number of gears and can attack relatively well. It's made more for spinning the ball, rather than smashing it of course. Having said that, even loop drives feel a bit flimsy at times. It has such high flex and "give" to the blade that your attacks can often feel too mushy in essence. You don't get any crisp sensation as you would from an attacking minded blade. Something like a Joo Se Hyuk for example, with a much harder feel. The innershield ZLF has TONS of vibrations! Almost like those old cartoons where the bully cat runs into a pole and becomes a tuning fork... I'm surprised people aren't getting carpal tunnel from all the vibrations! If you chop more than you attack, this is yet another defensive blade to get the job done. Is it the best...? It's kind of an in-betweener. There are better pure chopping blades and better blades that chop and attack with more lethality.
bmasterr  on 5/27/2016

I do not know why many people had looked down about this blade. I've tried it with T05 and TSP Spectol. First impression, It is a slow blade quite like Def+ blade. But its flex is really high. It can generate the power like some All+ OFF- blade in need. Dwell time is very high , I feel I could generate massive spin on it. The little thing which I dislike it, is its handle is quite thin for me even I'm average size Asean guy.
GenElectric  on 10/14/2013

Best defensive blade ever, can be used for attacking and even far table counter loop. Performs better than my other two defensive blades overall (Joo Se Hyuk, xiom Aigis) and even attacks better than my all round blade(Stiga AC) in some circumstances . You can't imagine how much power it absorbs on chops and blocks from even the most powerful top spin shots. Very user friendly on chops and forehand lob/blocks. I currently use it with 2.1mm bryce speed fx And TSP curl 3-6mm, it's the best defensive blade for counter attack of that I've tried, it has unrivaled build quality and design and paralleled performance on the other hand, the only drawbacks are the high price and the vibration, flex on impact.
uppuluri  on 3/14/2013

A top quality Japanese make blade. Top quality wood and other materials are used in the manufacture of this blade. Very very difficult to match rubbers for this blade. Well known Butterfly and TSP long pimpled rubbers (except may be TSP Curl P3 R alpha OX) do not seem to match this blade. This is a bit disappointing. Unable to fix up a FH spinny rubbers for this blade. Particularly a rubber that suits a defensive player. A strange blade. While it plays like a fast blade with some rubbers it behaves like a slow blade with some rubbers. Speed equal to M Pro . Slower than M Pro Special and JSH blades. Resembles old Grubba Pro All in speed and some of the playing charecterstics. An expensive piece. Good luck.
josesiem  on 2/4/2013

This may be Butterfly's biggest lame duck ever. At over $200, there is nothing remotely special about this blade, other than the fact that I pulled off splinters the first time I took off a rubber -- this never happened with the other dozen Butterfly blades I've owned. Blade has so much vibration. The vibration is crazy. It's very flexible. It's also very slow. It's not easy to attack. Also, the handle is smaller than other Butterfly blades. This is an extremely overpriced classic defense blade.. The ZLF fibers do nothing to help with vibration, sweet spot, or power. Epic fail by Butterfly.

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