Butterfly Ishlion

Butterfly Ishlion Blade
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Speed 9.0
Control 8.2
Stiffness 6.7   
Hardness 7.2   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.0   
Always identical
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.6 / 10
Control 7.5 / 10
Weight 76g
Plies 3
Materials Arylate-Carbon fibres
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Butterfly's second generation Uniaxial Light Carbon Blade, the Ishlion. This unique construction process has all of the Carbon Fibers pointing in the same direction. This allows our engineers to actually increase the density of the graphic fibers; while reducing the weight of the graphite by 18%. The result is a light blade which features great power even from mid-distance with increased ball feeling.

Reviews (11)

vietma  on 4/13/2014

I have been using Timo Boll Spirit and decided to buy the new Ishlion since my Timo Boll Spirit is a little bit slow for me. I first glued the DHS Skyline 3 Neo black on forehand and 729-08 ES red on backhand. I like the spin of the Skyline rubber however it's quite slow due to its sticky topsheet. Unless I got the fitness of Ma Long, Skyline 3 is not for me. I decided to glue the Andro Rasant 2.1mm black on the forehand and keep 729-08 ES on the backhand. Bang! this setup is exactly what I want. Very good looping and smashing on my forehand. Excellent looping and smashing on my backhand. Very controlled 729-08 ES rubber on backhand which allows me to loop and push any heavy backspin chop or topspin. It definitely helps me to change and improve my game from defensive chop to attacking backhand with any heavy backspin chop from the opponent. I can loop and smash very strongly on my forehand with the Rasant and very control as well. I have tried many different setup and the Butterfly Ishlion with Andro Rasant 2.1mm on forehand and 729-08 ES 2.15 mm on backhand is the perfect setup. A setup is either very fast or very controlled but rarely sees very fast and very controlled together. But this setup is very fast and very controlled at the same time. This blade is also very light. The total weight of the racket including the rubbers is 179 grams. The Ishlion weighs 79 grams by itself.
junior9737  on 12/9/2013

Very good blade, fast, good control and very light blade, i`m using this blade and thibar 5Q in both sides, this combination is perfect
Anonymous  on 11/28/2011

Great blade. Very good for blocking, looping and smashing. High control for a fast blade. Very good mid-distance power.
jeff_attc  on 1/7/2011

The Butterfly Ishlion is a powerful, light, and controllable carbon blade. This blade has more feeling that other carbon blades but still feels like a carbon blade. It is not as bouncy as other carbon blades, and maintains a good short game. It loops and hits well. When you loop with it it feels like the blade sucks the ball in and spits it back out. The Ishlion is a very light blade mine is in the low 80's.
ucokpinank  on 5/17/2016

Good for hitter n' blocker (Play near the table)... Use medium soft fh n' soft rubber bh... Good quality n' technology... Disappointed for me because discontinued..

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