Butterfly Jonyer Hinoki

Butterfly Jonyer Hinoki Blade
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User Ratings (22)

Speed 7.4
Control 8.6
Stiffness 3.5   
Some flex
Hardness 4.0   
Medium soft
Consistency 9.0   
Always identical
Overall 8.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.5 / 10
Control 7.7 / 10
Weight 75g +/- 5g
Plies 5
Materials 5 plies of Hinoki
There are 11 users using the Butterfly Jonyer Hinoki.
The most popular blade in this class during recent years. Many players love the comparable Hinoki feel, found in the JONYER-H and several of the carbon blades. Over time, the comfortable Redwood handle shapes to your grip. The FL version has a more compact head than the AN.

* This blade was a legend in the 1970's used by the 1975 World Champion Istvan Jonyer of Hungary
* Consisting of Hinoki and Cypress wood
* Fast loopers blade light weight and durable, explosive power with good control

Reviews (17)

killerbee  on 9/22/2013

I used it, but I think it is outdated. With 38mm ball and speedglue, it could have been a different story. But nowadays, it simply lacks the power. Very nice design though; why did butterfly stop making such beautiful handles and the "nailed" butterfly? Is profit really everything? What about ART?
Nilanjan  on 8/28/2011

My first "International Standard" blade, which I bought about 20 years ago. Sadly, it broke in an accident and I never got to buy the exact same ply. In the era of 38mm balls (sigh), this blade was a terror to the opponent, specially when coupled with Mark V on both sides or Mark V / Sriver combination. My coach had that blade (he was seeded 4 in the national rating), and the blade was a terror. Once I started playing for the state, I had this bat with the same configuration (Mark V FH and Sriver BH) and I was able to retain championship. The ply broke in a nasty collision with the table. I bought another blade with the same set of rubbers about 7 years back and I was really disappointed. First, the 40 mm ball took away about 13% of speed and about 20% of spin (I am from the era of spin based table tennis), and sadly, Butterfly made the head smaller to make the blade more "compact". This took away even more of my punch in my shots. I played with the new bat for a couple of months, retired it, and then sold it off. I never used it with the Tensor or High Tension rubbers, because was really disappointed that the old Legend was no more. I do not blame the ply, but it is the 40 mm ball that killed the Legend called Jonyer, in my opinion. If you have the newer version of Jonyer (the compact version), try pairing it with Donic Coppa Gold and Tenergy 64. One of my friends use it and she has got very good response because of the fast "high tension" rubbers and the soft hinoki feel underneath. There has never been any issues with the control of the ply. If you know what you are doing, you can't go wrong with a Jonyer, provided your technique is correct. This is a good ply for beginners, to start with Sriver and Mark V combination. As they progress, they can change the rubber to suit their needs. The handle is "super comfortable" to touch and actually takes the shape of your grip over years (I saw it in a 20 year old Jonyer which is still very very operational). Overall, a GREAT "feel" blade, but lacks power when paired with conventional rubbers.
mja  6 months ago

This blade has a great feeling, probably the most profound of all of the blades I have tried; it is just unique; and very clean with little vibration. I'd say it is soft and moderately stiff. The speed, I would say, is in the middle, or perhaps the upper end, of OFF-. In any case, I think this blade may take a bit of getting used to so I would advise anyone against judging it based on a few hours of play.
BMX2  on 4/5/2018

Amazing feel.Very good blocks and loops.Bit slow,but lovely blade to become a looper.
papabiz  on 2/21/2018

This is simply a legend. I started off with this blade about a year ago. Control is very good. The speed lacks a little bit of the punching effect but with a fast rubber to compensate it can be a killer. The dwell time is pretty high and it performs as an amazing looping machine. I am using this blade with donic coppa jo gold on FH and mark V on BH

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