Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk

Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk Blade
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User Ratings (33)

Speed 7.3
Control 8.7
Stiffness 6.1   
Hardness 6.2   
Medium hard
Consistency 7.9   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.2 / 12
Control 8.5 / 12
Weight 90g
Plies 5
Materials 5 plies of wood
Thickness 5.9mm
There are 14 users using the Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk.

Reviews (17)

chubbychopper  on 3/26/2016

To be clear here... this is a FAST defensive blade! It's essentially an over-sized offensive setup. Very hard, very stiff. If you're used to playing with any of the slower defensive blades (donic defplay, matsush*ta, xiom aigis, etc.), then be prepared for a real shock! This plays very little like those. Not to say anything negative about the Joo blade. I simply want to inform potential buyers of what to expect. If you attack more than you chop or about break even, then this blade will probably work for you. If you enjoy doing opening loops and having enough fire power to drive back even the most stalwart attacker... this will do! If you prefer doing classical defense and chop, chop, chop all day long -- then you might want to look elsewhere. The Joo blade sacrifices some control for a more potent offensive gear. Blocks well also as a result. Stiff! Relatively heavy blade by itself, coupled with the over-sized frame, and you can imagine how heavy it will be with dense rubbers. For reference -- the Joo blade with Tenergy 05 fx on both sides weighs in at about 198 grams. Now you can see why they generally use pips on one side of this! :p
PakitoAlcaide  on 3/27/2018

Llevo tres mese usandola y me a enamorado. Una gran madera con muy buen control en tospin y cortando desde atrás. Uso tenergy 05 1.9 mm en la derecha y va genial. El problema viene en el revés, estoi usando la grass d tecs 0.5mm y va rápida.poco control y el bloqueo es dificil, sale disparada. Conocéis alguna goma de picos que encaje perfectamente en esta madera?
guusvansoer  on 5/16/2018

The best blade for modern defender. No vibration and consistent for chopping far from the table. The weight is a bit more than normal blade but it will not affected the fundamental of your defensive style.
master_f  on 9/27/2016

a Defensive Master Sword of Omen! . . . Dangerous Effect when you installed Defensive type of Rubbers and Pips.
scottyu  on 9/4/2014

if you are a modern defender. this will do

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