Butterfly Marcos Freitas ALC

Butterfly Marcos Freitas ALC Blade
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User Ratings (11)

Speed 9.0
Control 9.2
Stiffness 5.0   
Hardness 5.2   
Consistency 9.3   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 88
Control 85
Weight 90
Plies 5
Materials Arylate Carbon
Thickness 5.9
There are 3 users using the Butterfly Marcos Freitas ALC.
- The brand new FREITAS ALC blade makes use of the proven Arylate-Carbon fiber, lending the blade its characteristic ALC-touch
- In combination with the softer outer veneers, Freitas ALC blade will fit to any versatile spin-based play
- The high-class design and workmanship of this hand-crafted blade underline the high aspirations Marcos Freitas posts to his personal blade

Reviews (7)

BriDav12  on 7/30/2016

Recently, I experienced a serious equipment junky relapse, resulting in me buying the new Freitas and Apolonia blades. While my bank account is significantly smaller, both of these blades are actually worth the large cash layout in my view. My Freitas feels not too heavy and not too light (probably 82 or 83 grams). Close to the table, it's pace is very close to that of the Garaydia alc/iolite neo, However, unlike the Garaydia alc, the Freitas maintains its bite at mid-distance and beyond. The blade's respectable pace makes its rock solid control all the more impressive. In fact, the control of the Freitas is not too far behind that of my beloved Basaltec Outer blade (which has nowhere near the speed of the Freitas). In my opinion, the Freitas has excellent feel for a carbon composite blade. For the sake of comparison, I find it to be noticeably less numb than the garaydia alc and even the tb spirit. At the same time, it possesses that glorious "crack" when you catch the ball just right. My short game (always a liability) was fine with this blade, but not spectacular. The Freitas pairs extremely well with both soft and med/med-hard rubbers. I use tenergy 80 on fh and vega euro on bh, and the blade gets the most out of both. This blade will best suit those who appreciate a spinnier, dwelly (you know what I mean ☺️) blade that still has plenty of backbone and venom from any distance. Update: my rating of the stiffness (7) is a bit higher than I'd like. The only options are 5 or 7, but, in reality, I'd rate the stiffness a 6
waterboyd  on 10/4/2016

I have to compare popular Timo Boll ALC before buy this blade. I like Freitas ALC it softer better dwell contact that feel spinnier. Limba ply with ALC superb for top spin.
azv  on 11/1/2018

Fast but not too fast, great control, soft feeling. It's like a Korbel or a TSPW with the magic feel of the ALC
MindTrip  on 8/23/2017

I am an 1800 rated player who loops/drives both sides and have been using the MF ALC for a little over 3 months. The blade is made of high quality, yet the design is a little understated. The blade feels "woody" on contact compared to other ALC blades, it reminded me of the TB ZLF in that respect. Light contact shots are very controllable (pushes, blocks). Away from the table, harder contact shots (loops/loop drives) the flex of the blade is apparent, which reminded me of some of the 5 ply blades I’ve used before, but with more power. The blade plays best with medium hardness rubbers.
lancearsenal  on 12/2/2018

This blade is faster than Viscaria (my previous blade). Surprisingly, chopping and short touch is still the same and easy as viscaria, good control. Had to adjust my swing as the ball always flies over the table. Now, after adjusting myself, my topspin & smash became more direct than Viscaria. I'm very satisfy with this blade.

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