Butterfly Matsushita Pro Special

Butterfly Matsushita Pro Special Blade
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User Ratings (4)

Speed 7.1
Control 9.3
Stiffness 6.5   
Hardness 4.5   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 8.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.4
Control 8.4
Weight 95g
Materials Carbon Arylate
There are 3 users using the Butterfly Matsushita Pro Special.
This blade was developed with the help of Japan's Defensive wizard, Koji Matsushita and features a unique combination of Butterfly's high tech Arylate and Carbon Fibers with the classic Willow wood outer plies. The result of this blend is a blade that offers maximum control when chopping against great speed and more than enough offensive power to score when the opportunity presents itself.

Reviews (4)

Anonymous  on 11/13/2011

Remember that this blade have a lot of his weight on his head (even without rubbers on it). Someone, like me, don't like it.
Pachon  on 7/26/2011

Sorry for poor English, I'm Asean. I use Matsushita Pro Special + Long pips Meteorite 0.5 + Hurricane III. I feel I can control my backhand very well and chop-block is easy for new comer like me. Forehand with Hurricane is reliable. I ever try many defensive blade but the Matsushita make me very impress since first time I trial.
amelnik  on 10/17/2010

there are better chopping blades out there.... BUT if one mixes in active attacks such as pip blocks or punches and loops, there is NO other blade that i have used that combines these abilities this well, the carbon provides a GREAT sweet spot, and the willow with speed absorption and more control
metallikviper  on 11/30/2009

Very controlled blade. Perfect blade for modern defenders. Has enough speed on FH side to launch an attack. Chopping with pips is pleasure with tremendous control. Back spin produced could be more, but where it makes up for is its more than enough power. Pair it with relatively harder sponged inverted rubbers. Soft rubbers like Tenegy 64 and sponges less than 38 deg hardness feel very mushy.

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