Butterfly Maze Passion

Butterfly Maze Passion Blade
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User Ratings (13)

Speed 8.0
Control 8.9
Stiffness 5.7   
Hardness 6.6   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.5   
Always identical
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 90g
Plies 7
Materials Fibre Glass
Thickness 5.7mm
There are 2 users using the Butterfly Maze Passion.
- For passionate and creative players
- Glass fibre centre plies
- For a variable and direct offensive play

Reviews (6)

qvoliszz  on 1/14/2016

It is rated OFF-, don't believe it. I am an allround player and I was looking for an OFF-/ALL+ blade with good control. I tried some woods before getting this blade. I have played with butterfly TB ALL, Schlager Precision, Zhang Jike and Donic Ovthcharov Soft Carbon Senso V1. All I can say, that this blade is slower than the regular OFF- blades and it is an ALL+(+) blade, quite effective in close and midrange. So I recommend this blade to all who is still learning, or making the first blade change from wood to composite and still want an allrounder blade with some slight offensive side. Update!!! Mine was 84 gr in weight. Worked well with attacking rubbers, when paired symmetrical. Otherwise the blade resonates. Please note that the flares handle is very comfortable and slim, but the neck is quite narrow, so this why ST handle is better, because it is a bit thicker at the neck, so the blade feels a bit stiffer, which means you may play with harder rubbers. The top hardest setup was Tenergy 05 for this blade. I felt a numb resonance in the blade only, (T05 dampens the resonance). When trying it on ST handle, I fealt nearly nothing. When tried with nearly the same sponge hardness M2 the blade vibrated (M2 does not absorb vibrations). So the FL is for softer attacking rubbers for harder ones try the ST handle. Nice for looping and attacking, but still have a reassuring slowy character. Like its name deaclares Passion: you will love playing whith this blade.
TypeR  on 11/9/2016

At a beginning I was looking for something that would suit my style and technic. I tried many blades and there were always something that I didn't like...until Maze passion. This blade is awsome, especially for a beginners. So much control with it and speed which is great for a beginners. I would say it is very like Primorac off-, but I like Maze more. Pair it with fast rubbers and you will have great feeling with acceptable speed and spin. After year and a half I'm still using it and not planning to change it soon.
santilohi  on 7/3/2012

Probada con gomas Sriver combinado muy bien-, Bien para realizar Top Spins de lejos de la mesa .adquiriendo mucho efecto y con buena velocidad . Buen toque de pelota . yendo bien tambien de cerca ,Muy efectiva en los saques ,cogiendo mucho efecto. buena madera y no muy cara como otras de Butterfly.
peki  on 1/26/2012

Ryan  on 1/11/2011

Great blade, but a little too slow. The view from Anonymous on July 9 is similar to my thoughts. This blade did not play fast at all with Tenergy 05.

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