Butterfly Millerga

Butterfly Millerga Blade
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Speed 8.2
Control 8.6
Stiffness 4.0   
Hardness 4.8   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 85g
Plies 5
Materials Bamboo
Thickness 6.8mm
There are 1 users using the Butterfly Millerga.
Medium Fast.

Thank you for buying the MILLERGA blade. The top surface layers on both sides are made from bamboo. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not exert undue pressure on the edge of the blade or rub it with your fingers as you could experience discomfort from the bamboo fibers. Materials of the very best quality have been used in the production of the blade; however we advise that you use a degree of caution when touching the blade.

Reviews (3)

golandaz_mi  on 4/9/2014

Thick and powerful all wood blade. Pair it with hard rubbers and it is a descent looping and smashing machine. Only reason I won't buy it anymore is cuz its head dimensions. It is small head which would sometimes cause the ball to hit its edge when defending a smash. I fail to understand reason of making small head.
wlivingston0952  on 1/15/2014

Solid blade, recommend use it with heavy rubbers.
destodave  on 10/6/2010

destodave - One of the players at my club bought this at the US Open this yr but decided it was a little too slow. She gave it to me for my son to try and he liked it. The handle is slightly smaller than many of the European blades like Donic and Stiga, but it has a good feel. I agree with her, it's not a fast blade, probably more like an All+, but it doesn't feel too heavy, it has good control, and enough speed if you have a fast rubber on it. The one thing that I'm not crazy about is the head is slightly shorter than my stiga/donic blades. Overall though I'm happy with the blade and think this will be good for players that are developing and looking for a good quality, medium blade to improve their game with.

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