Butterfly Nitchugo Super

Butterfly Nitchugo Super Blade
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Speed 8.9
Control 8.4
Stiffness 7.5   
Hardness 7.0   
Medium hard
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.6 / 10
Control 8.7 / 10
Weight 82
Plies 5
Materials Hinoki outer plies, Balsa within
Thickness 8.1 mm
Well balances with the fastback shaped grip and the characteristic plywood.
Enables easier to switch of forehand and backhand.
Suitable for pimples-out rubber.

Reviews (4)

Nakata  on 5/24/2017

Totally agree with previous comments, it´s not to be used with inverted rubbers. If you want to play penhold with inverted rubber go to Cypress, Nittaku A, or anything with a squared shape. Or to chinese penhold blades. This one is only for short pips hitters. Koreans made it famous and all of them were SP hitters: Hyun Jung Hwa, Kim Ki Taek and Kim Wan.
Sebu  on 10/2/2013

Not good with inverted, meant to be played with short pips.
jeong seop  on 11/7/2009

I have tried more than 10 various blades and always come back to this one. It has amazing control over the table. I use this with Spectol. Consistency is also there as one would expect from Butterfly.
Pythagorus  on 3/1/2009

This blade paired with pips out rubber is a monster near the table. Fast yet with excellent control and comfortable handle, this is the ultimate blade for a penhold pips out hitter.

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