Butterfly Oh Sang Eun

Butterfly Oh Sang Eun Blade
Approx. $ 65 USD
Price $

User Ratings (20)

Speed 7.8
Control 8.9
Stiffness 4.9   
Hardness 4.9   
Consistency 9.3   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.9 / 12
Control 7.7 / 12
Weight 85g
Plies 5
Materials 5 plies of wood

Reviews (9)

Anonymous  on 4/19/2012

A Good Allround Off- Blade! Good Control. The Touch And Speed are ok. But this Blade Is made for blocking. It doesnt matter which Spin your Opponent got its just Easy to Block If you have a clear and Advanced technique! All in all a Good Allround Off- attacking Blade with a nice handle and balance! Not that Good like Photino, primorac Off+, Boll Alc...but very Cheap and still a High Quality Blade!
auzcar  on 3/15/2010

This blade have a HUGE amount of control and the response is very consistent. It may lack a bit in speed but other than that it's 100% perfect for a loop/drive game. Also, I have never tried a blade with this much feeling.
Oldboy  on 9/6/2008

A good looping blade with more emphasis on control and feel than speed. Kind of pricey but a very good step up from a beginners blade if you are looking to become a two-winged looper.
florinvfd  on 3/3/2017

It may lack a bit in speed but the control is awesome for a medium level player. Great combination with Yasaka Rakza7 and Palio Bliz.
ucokpinank  on 5/17/2016

Oh Sang Eun style... Disappointed because discontinued...

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