Butterfly Petr Korbel

Butterfly Petr Korbel Blade
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User Ratings (81)

Speed 8.3
Control 8.6
Stiffness 5.0   
Hardness 5.4   
Consistency 8.6   
Always identical
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 8.0 / 12
Control 7.6 / 12
Weight 89g
Plies 5
Materials 4 plies of Limba, center ply is Ayous
Thickness 6.0mm
There are 31 users using the Butterfly Petr Korbel.

Reviews (45)

Frogger  on 11/22/2018

With the advent of the new plastic ball I think the Korbel is the new Primorac blade. A great blade for allround play with speed. FL handle is small but comfortable. Head size is a bit larger than most and can be head heavy with thick rubbers. The look of this blade is classic. Not to fast and not slow this blade would be a good choice for a wide range of players. Price is lower than Primorac. For Tenergy users 1.9mm thickness is a good choice to reduce weight on the Korbel. A very good pick for allround offensive style. Update: With Butterfly Rozena this is the smoothest combination I have ever tested. All the gears are there with no surprises regardless of stroke used. It can be gentle with a lot of feeling for the short game or very powerful and fast on offense. One of the best all wood blades a player can choose.
scawper  on 11/28/2016

After a two and a half year search for a new blade, this all-wood one outperformed all the others for me. Suitable for the spin-focussed attacker who needs dwell time on the blade to maximise loop spin and placement. Beautiful feel on short game. It was recommended to me by a hungarian coach who plays in the german bundesliga, which is itself an impressive reason to take notice. I have witnessed that, with his technique, there is no limit to the power and spin that can be generated from this blade. My perfect rubber for this is Tibhar Evolution (MX-S & EL-P); crucially the excellent sponge design means the ball does not 'jump' off your bat on touch shots, and power & spin is great. I suggest no-one worries about the comments about the small handle for this blade; it is easy enough to wrap non-slip tape to your preferred thickness of grip. NB - Last year I placed a good review for the Xiom Zetro Quad blade. I stand by that. The recommendation to use this Korbel blade came later.
yaphetshao  on 1/19/2017

This is a soft and nice feel blade. Ive used Bty Viscaria, Stiga clipper wood, Avalox BT777, all fast blade. Eventually wanted to try a softer and better control blade. Then decided to go for Petr korbel. At fist point holding the blade, the handle kinda feel differrent from Viscaria/ Clipper wood which is more full. Korbel handle feel more like avalox BT777 or even P700 feel. Thinner and i like it better. (im using Flared handle). The first glance on the blade, what i could say is the classic. 5 ply consist of Limba-Limba-Ayous-Limba-Limba. Initial thought of this blade is its soft, comfortable with feeling the ball. DHS TG 3 neo on forehand and Xiom Sigma Europe I as backhand. Tested the blade for few session. What ive got is as shown. Serving : The serve of this blade is real spinny and good. No matter downspin or sidespin or topspin, it is very easy to get use to it and even "feel" the ball much more compared to harder and faster blade. With proper technique and contact point of the ball, the dwell time is significantly longer than some other blade. The combination of the wood structure make serving feels good. Topspin and counter topspin : The trajectory throw angle of the blade is higher than i expected. The forehand and backhand looping is very consistence. With proper skills and posture, the looping is great. However, some more power is needed in order to loop far from table. The power of the blade is kind of medium. While in term of short/ touch play, the blade if combined with the proper rubber, gives a very comfortable feel despite its soft and flex characteristic. The return will be consistence, not too high nor low. Giving the good consistency for a player to master and brush the skills. Overall,in current 40+ plastic ball modern gameplay, i still do feel this blade is good for amateur player. If you're kind of lost on which blade to get, hesitating what you really want, you could try this blade for the good feeling and looping.
senja  on 11/3/2015

Mine Butterfly Korbel is 85g (today you can find it in a range from 80 to 90g and it's produced in Hungary). It's a great blade, classic! I haven't known that so many today's professional players still playing with it (Gionis, Shibaev, Kallberg,..). Its composition is like old classic Stigas, 5-plys, limba-limba-ayous-limba-limba, around 6mm thickness. Beautiful feeling, comparable with DHS PG-7, but as it is 5-ply, dwell is even better and better control, a bit more stable with slightly less speed. High throw blade, great for looping and good for short game incl. serves. But the feeling is important for me, together with PG7 , the best feeling I have ever tried! If you search for loopers blade with euro/jap tensor rubbers on it, you can stop your search! If you are an amateur offensive spin player, you do not need a better blade.
Federico78  4 months ago

Guys, this blade (made in Japan version) is pure magic. I'm a low intermediate, both wings looper (fh and bh). I have been using Viscaria for 2 years with a lot of satisfaction. Viscaria is also an exceptional blade, fast with great feeling and control. After an injury, my legs are slower and if you're out of position Viscaria doesn't forgive that much. Thus, I was looking for something more forgiving. I've always been told about the magical of this blade, speed with great control and feeling: recently a good tt coach suggested me to try it, and given the injury, finally I went for it. I was looking for something only a tad slower than Viscaria but with more control and feeling: Korbel delivers!!! Looping is a pure joy, I feel very solid and safe, but still I can make very powerful shot; yes it's slightly slower than Viscaria but you have enough power to finish the point. Both fh and bh loops are great but Viscaria has an edge about fast bh plain shots (slightly faster) and bh opens against backspin (slightly more powerful and precise). Nevertheless, you exchange the great precision and power of Viscaria with something only slightly less precise and powerful but with a bigger amount of control, feeling and consistency. The spin is on par with Viscaria. On serves, you have great control, still a lot of spin: I always struggled to make fast serves down the line with Viscaria, but now I feel it's very easy and effective to do. I use Andro Hexer Powergrip SFX on fh and Hexer Grip on bh (yes I prefer slower rubber on fh), same as I used on Viscaria. Great rubbers and great combination with Korbel. The euro version is nothing like the japan version, please stay way from it. I think the average ratings on revspin don't give justice to this exceptional blade. I would rate it as 8.8 for speed and 9.1 for control.

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