Butterfly Power 7

Butterfly Power 7 Blade
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User Ratings (13)

Speed 9.0
Control 8.4
Stiffness 5.2   
Hardness 5.5   
Consistency 6.1   
Occasional variations
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.3 / 10
Weight 95
Plies 7
Materials wood
There are 3 users using the Butterfly Power 7.
It's power and compact head enable the Power to excel at quick top spins and counter attacks when playing close-to-the-table. 7 ply.

Reviews (11)

semiambidextrous  on 11/27/2013

My Power 7 is a ~20 years old veteran - repaired a few times from smaller injuries, such as a slightly broken neck, but is still a monster. My fingers actually curved their way into the wood. But its a family member, so... :D
tova  on 5/8/2014

Uno dei migliori telai in legno che abbia provato. Feeling grandioso, controllo e all'occorrenza anche potenza e velocit . La sensazione ¨ che il topspin vada dentro da solo. Il manico ¨ bellissimo, come sempre la realizzazione giapponese ¨ perfetta.
adi  on 7/20/2012

I just love the feeling of this blade. best for counter attack and looping when playing close-to-the-table. used with tibhar nianmor(FH) and stiga boost TX(BH)
Nilanjan  on 8/27/2011

I have this blade, apart from my others... And I call it my Wild Horse (Tibhar Genius+ in FH and Tenergy 25 in BH). With the configuration that I have, it is a speed demon. I play pretty close from the table, so, for the first couple of days it was difficult to control, specially while returning a short ball with a chop (thats my style to return, because I like to mix my chops with my pushes on short balls).. the ball started to become a "dolly" for my opponent to smash! After a couple of days of practice (5 hours at the board a day), things changed!! I could manage to get fairly decent chops from this 7 ply beast, and my pushes from close to the net became menacing, thanks to the power of this blade and the Tenergy 25 at my back-hand. In a week's time (I can devote only about an hour of play during my work days), I got back my topspin, and it was pretty powerful too. I lost some loop in my topspin with this blade, but not THAT much to write home about! If you are an aggrasive / tactical player who tends to change the style of game as per the opponent, this blade is recommended. If you are an all-out power player who loves to hit the shots "flat" from mid distance, this blade is HIGHLY recommended. And if you are a player who plays close to the table and relies TOO MUCH on spin art as to write names on table, think twise before you buy this blade (you probably will be better off with a less speedy 5 ply with the same kind of rubbers). Worth mentioning that the handle is so comfortable that it is just as quick as a thought process to flick and change the rubber side (FH to BH) and surprise the opponent. I actually did that against a blocker on a top-spin rally, changing my FH Tibhar to the Tenergy 25 within the rally and the poor fellow didn't have a clue how the ball suddenly spinned so much! Lol! Recommended, unless you are a "die hard spinner from close to the table", or too new to the game to handle a 7 ply blade.
Reza  on 10/3/2010

I love the feeling of this blade.it's fast and it has a really good control.I use this with t05.it's easy to loop.the control is very good and I love blocking with this blade.I think this is the best choise in this price.

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