Butterfly Primorac

Butterfly Primorac Blade
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User Ratings (73)

Speed 7.7
Control 8.8
Stiffness 4.5   
Hardness 4.9   
Consistency 8.4   
Always identical
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.5 / 11
Control 7.8 / 11
Weight 90
Plies 5
Materials 4 plies of Limba, center ply is Ayous
Thickness 5.7mm
There are 29 users using the Butterfly Primorac.
Butterfly's overall best-selling shakehand blade. The Primorac's African wood allows the ball to stay on the racket longer providing good feel and control. The Primorac is an excellent all-round offensive blade.

Medium Feel

Reviews (40)

rreddy  on 5/22/2013

I have been playing with this racket for 2 years because of its brilliant all-round characteristics. It is a great racket for beginners. The racket has a good feel and a comfortable handle. I use it with Sriver 2.1 mm on both sides. It is a very effective combination. Lately I have been improving and after getting comfortable with this racket I can control the ball very well. The Primorac is a very good racket if you want control. After much practice I can place the ball where I want to from my opponents counters and hard loops. It is a great racket if you want to make your opponent run around. However the problem is that I noticed the racket is very slow. The ball will not go very fast off the racket which is good if you are just starting out. This contributes to the control factor as you can place it where you want to. However now the racket is too slow. When I do a counter of course my opponent just smashes the ball back. My loop kills do not surprise my opponent because the ball comes off my racket slowly. After you get better you might want to switch to an OFF racket or even the other OFF- rackets which are mostly faster than the Primorac. Overall this is a great racket for beginners that will serve you for a long time. After a while you will need to switch to a new racket for more speed. Don't get the Primorac Carbon, it seems like the successor but it actually is a huge step up in speed and your shots will go flying. You will want to get an OFF racket after you finish with the Primorac or a slightly faster OFF- racket. UPDATE: Its been about two years since I got the Primorac and I have improved greatly. I now use the Zhang Jike Arylate/Carbon blade which is very nice and comfortable handle but practically no speed difference between this and the Primorac. If you use good technique this blade will give you all the power and control you could possibly want. The topspin is enormous. If you like to be able to execute loops that go at 120 mph and have so much spin, it goes in a beautiful curve and kicks up like a Mexican jumping bean when it hits the other side of the table, this is the blade for you. Also chops far from the table dig in beautifully and counter loops have a great woody feel to them. The best all-round blade on the market. A must-buy. Good for beginners, intermediates, advanced players, and professionals. UPDATE: After using the Zhang Jike for almost a year, I have switched back to the Primorac. This is not because I cannot control the Zhang Jike, but the Primorac has equal speed and more control and has a such a beautiful feel as I cannot describe how nice it is. So much control, I can hit a dime with blocks and loops. Now that I have developed into more of a defensive player I have found this is perfect with Xiom Vega Asia 2mm on the FH for extreme counterloops and BTY Feint Long II 1.3 mm on the BH for incredible chops from 10 ft from the table it is the best all round blade and defensive blade enough speed for attack and slow enough for the chop buy it! Don't buy sriver with it its overrated buy Xiom rubbers. I use Feint Long because it is the only rubber that bty makes that is not overrated (COUGH COUGH Tenergy).
carvalhoc  on 1/5/2018

My first serious blade. Very good touch and not too fast, something like ALL+ or OFF- but can go faster if paired with fast tensor rubbers. This is a very well built 5 ply all wood blade and it is perfect for new, intermediate and advanced players that favour control over speed. The handle is confortable and I used the flared version for many years. Even after many years and the ocasional hits on the table the blade is still in perfect condition. Needs to be sealed to prevent chips of wood coming off when changing rubbers. An absolute classic by Butterfly.
Bleys  on 2/28/2018

My first racket. It seems I came across a good batch, because it's high quality made even though Hungarian and not Japanese. It's the best selling Butterfly blade for a reason - very well balanced - it's 90g but not top heavy, very comfortable handle, good control, good speed, feeling is pleasing. Cheaper than most other 5-ply all wood blades but also better than most of them. I've heard they went down in quality post 2015. Mine is 15 years old and a keeper. I would say it is the best blade to begin with and reach intermediate level.
Coen  on 12/22/2017

Great blade does everything solid, one of the best all wood blades. Mine was a little heavy for me at 95g
vir  on 12/3/2017

very good blade with more control but little higher arc = i used Rakza 7 and was it superb

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