Butterfly Schlager Carbon

Butterfly Schlager Carbon Blade
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User Ratings (49)

Speed 9.5
Control 7.3
Stiffness 8.5   
Very stiff
Hardness 8.8   
Consistency 9.3   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10 / 12
Control 6.5 / 12
Weight 95g
Plies 5
Materials Three wood plies; 2 Carbon
Thickness 7.4mm
There are 15 users using the Butterfly Schlager Carbon.

Reviews (36)

Frank  on 7/14/2015

A very fast blade that I recommend for high skilled players. Very good away from the table where you can get full use of the power in the blade. Not a blade for beginners since it's a bit hard to control. A nice blade from Butterfly.
Alex  on 5/30/2012

Hello everybody, I play with Schlager Carbon OFF+ more then 3 years ago and I want to say this is a professional blade for serious player as me, not for beginners or intermediate players. You must to have a great feeling to can control this fast blade specially in combination with two Tenergy 05 which I have on this blade my game is become deadly for all my opponents. With this rubber combination is generating strong spins with high rotations, great block, looping and smash and spin over opponents spin. When my opponents shot spin, blocking close to the table ball going even faster then are shot this spin and make big problems for opponents because is backing so fast, they don't have time to prepare for next spin. Also if I go to spin over spin ball is coming with more rotation and speed and in most cases opponents are get mistakes. Only one thing I don't liked from this blade, that is a little big weight but who knows it probably should must be as how it is this blade but is going great and close to the table and from mid distance and more. This is a great blade and I will play with this blade and in the future, I don't want to change it. This is a fully professional blade and I give a 10!!!
JR  on 9/17/2011

Werner Schlager Carbon Review Hi, I just got my Schlager Carbon blade yesterday and I played with it the first time today in a tournament. After a ten year hiatus, I started playing again and adjusting to the new equipment (and prices) I have tried Timo Boll ALC and Spirit with T64 2.1 both sides, Jun Mizutani with Tibhar Grip - S Max fh and Genius Max on bh and today my new Excalibur; the Werner Schlager Carbon with Hurricane III Max on FH and Spin-Art 1.9mm BH ( I messed up and ordered 1.9 instead of my usual 2.1+ mm, but too late to change, I got my equipment yesterday and the tournament was this morning! Jun Mizutani was the most recent racket I played with. Nice, but handle is too small, increases my dwell time which I do not need and muted feel; Butterfly; why are your handles so small? I am 6'2" and 180 lbs and all Butterfly handles are too small for me. I still have to put tape on my Schlager. Having read all the reviews about the explosive speed and uncontrollable power with a feel like a rock in the hand, I was a little apprehensive about buying this blade. After playing with it the whole day today, my face still hurts from the ear-to-ear smile on my face at the delights of playing with this blade. Right out of the box, I did my usual tests; Vibration, feel, balance. The blade is solid with a high pitch tone when vibrated (the higher the pitch/tone the faster the blade), I tried so hard to bounce the ball so low as not to be able to feel it, but could not. Every little bounce of the ball was precisely communicated to my by this wonderful blade. Without rubber the balance is fairly neutral, with the rubber on, it is top heavy. (Just the way I like it) I put on Hurricane Neo III Max on my forehand, Spin-Art 1.9 mm on my backhand yesterday and eagerly waited to play today. My partner and I got second place today, we lost in the finals (3-4), 9-11 in the last game, so it was close. During the matches I executed all the shots in the game and here is what I experienced today; The Schlager Carbon blade is the best blade I ever played with. I am a double winged looper who prefers to loop away from the table. I have a wide repertoire of loops, from high, slow and super spinny side-spin; to warp 10 extinction level event doomsday pure topspin loops and everything in-between. Why I love this blade; It honestly communicates with you and faithfully puts out what you put in. Unlike other Carbon blades I tried Timo Ball and Jun Mizutani, this blade does not augment your skills at all. I don’t need a blade to add more speed to my shots or more dwell time on the ball, or to give me added control, all I have ever asked of my blade and rubber is; Tell me precisely where the ball is and put out what I put in, no less and no more. I don’t need Tenergy 05 to give me any catapult effect or higher trajectory on my shots, I decide what to do, not my equipment. If I want to hit the ball hard, I don’t need a blade/rubber to add dwell/lag time or help me in any way, just put out exactly what I put in. I know what I want. Schlager Carbon will not augment your shots in any way. It will not add dwell/lag time, it will not add control etc. what is does do and does so exceptionally well is tell you precisely where the ball is on your racket and faithfully puts out exactly what you put in, no more and no less. It has many gears. I have played many tournaments and had fans applauding my shots, but today was the first time in my life the fans applauded my chop which won the point. My partners counter-loop caught the net, bounced from the backhand to the forehand surprising everyone and I was facing a vicious forehand loop to my body/backhand from a 2400+ player, since the net messed up my timing and had me on my heels, I was is such a position that all I could do is chop with my Spin Art. This was an amazing chop about six feet from the table. I decided to add side to it and chop to the backhand side. The chop was heavy, well placed, with a lot of pace and the other player did not come even close to lifting it. Can you imagine chopping so well with an OFF+ blade? Amazing. All my loops, lobs blocks performed as usual with a few misses on my backhand more because I was trying to adjust to the 1.9 mm thickness of Spin Art than the blade. I never played with rubber this thin and it is not for me. This Schlager Carbon blade is my biggest asset and is not to blame for any missed shots because of its’ honest playing characteristics; it only puts out what you put in. No more and no less. Control, spin, speed, power; the Schlager Carbon can deliver everything you could possibly need in table tennis for the rest of your life. Please read the following before buying this wonderful blade. After the tournament, I stayed around for the fans who wanted to have their pictures taken with me and gave as many as I could a few minutes to play me for fun. I had one of my students and a several local club players try my Werner Schlager Carbon blade with H 3 Neo and Spin Art. Here is the short summary; None of the players could handle my racket! The highest rated player to try my racket is a young 20 year old looper from Canada. He currently plays with Timo Boll ALC and T05 2.1mm both sides. I hit with him for about fifteen minutes. He asked me for advice/pointers. He is a strong 2000 player with a solid game, footwork and no obvious weaknesses. Young, well coached and disciplined, he has a great future ahead of him. I just blocked for him, so he could show me his best loops and he would consistently loop 25 times plus before missing, so he was quite consistent. He told me he watched me play and is aspiring to loop the same way and asked if he could try my racket. I happily lent him my Schlager Carbon and picked up my Jun Mizutani. I was not prepared for what happened next. For the next five minutes not one, I mean zero, zip, zilch, nada; not one of his shots landed on the table! None of his loops, none of his pushes, none of his simple top-spin serves!! No matter how hard he tried everything went long and all over the place. It was as if his rating just got cut in half! I really babied the ball and he finally landed one loop, only to go long on the very next one. I tried to say something encouraging to him, but it was too late. The damage had been done. He walked over and handed me back my Schlager Carbon in a way I had never seen before. I made a joke saying; ”You are carrying my racket like it was a loaded gun!” If I had paid closer attention earlier, I would not have said that because when I looked closer I saw that his eyes were full of tears. He said: “This is not a loaded gun, this is a nuclear bomb!”, in a totally dejected tone of voice. I knew I had to try and undo the damage done, so I tried to tell him that it takes time; he has been playing 4 years and I have been playing for 35, that is a bit of a difference; that he will soon be better than me etc. I was just really surprised that a 2000 rated player would be so unable to adjust and handle a blade/racket that I can do anything with, the first time playing with it. I mean I looped, lobbed, blocked, chopped (once only), smashed and did a drop shot that was so dead the opposing team protested with the judge claiming it was a double bounce. We had to review the video to prove that it was not a double bounce. To say nothing about weaker players who tried; none of them wanted to use my racket for more then 30 seconds, they all ran back to their rackets. One of my students there is 1600 and it was just awful, he was missing by a country mile; that is why no one used my Schlager Carbon for more then a few shots before returning it to me, and I was overjoyed to have my Schlager back in my hands! I would recommend this blade to anyone and everyone. If you are under 2000, just persevere. It will be hard at first and you will miss a lot, but if you keep learning, practicing your drills, once you get used to it, you will be light years ahead of players who rely on their equipment to artificially augment their skills and abilities. Werner Schlager Carbon will honestly show you who you are as a player. It rewards proper communication along with precise use and magnifies any weakness/errors. This is the only blade for me from now on! Definitely not too fast for me, control is not an issue either, has many gears and is exceptionally easy to play with. Always consistent and reliable performance.
ewing307  on 4/23/2019

Very fast blade , but the ST handle is too thin . Control is poor, but too fast to lo lose game.
Darthtony1985  on 7/19/2017

Extreme speed with almost no control. Highly unlikely you will be able to finish your stroke, or generate power or spin due to extremely short dwell time. Rumor has it Schlager uses Primorac blade with Schlager handle...

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