Butterfly Schlager Precision

Butterfly Schlager Precision Blade
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User Ratings (15)

Speed 7.6
Control 8.1
Stiffness 5.1   
Hardness 7.0   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.3   
Always identical
Overall 8.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 80g
Plies 5
Thickness 6.5mm
There are 1 users using the Butterfly Schlager Precision.
Well balanced blade with the best possible control values in this category. Offers the optimum feel to flexible offensive players.

Table Tennis is not only about speed and spin; good placement of the ball is needed to put pressure upon ones opponent. When Butterfly introduced the Schlager Precision emphasis was put on the attempt to offer maximum control and precision. However to provide the still needed speed, the blade was designed a little harder compared to the Werner Schlager OFF which reduced the danger of distortion even more. This blade is therefore ideal for players who look for much more feeling in a dominant attacking blade.

Similar to the previous Schlager offensive blade but with harder plies to increase accuracy and power in the blade.

Reviews (8)

terente  on 1/31/2016

This blade is not hard, i think It is some elastic and soft with a nice feeling and it is very precision blade, like his name...my blade have carbon layer after the core!!! And no vibration at all
igszoctan  on 5/2/2014

I agree it is a bit slow but I love watching well controlled balls with a loads of spin on the other side of the net causing a lot of trouble for the opponent.
TheJones  on 8/21/2012

A very nice blade but my example of it is very very springy. The ball literally flies off the blade. It still has really decent control for pushing and blocking but I found it surprisingly hard to loop consistently with. Especially surprising given how it is quite light and so I didnt expect it to be so fast when attacking. Hitting is ok with this blade, but again, it is very springy. A good blade for medium hard rubbers in my opinion and a modern all round game.
Anonymous  on 5/1/2012

its an awesome blade when combined with donic baracuda, tibhar sinus, joola express and explode and with tenergy 25 at fh and 05 at bh. it gives almost a perfect game for offensive players of almost any level
Klaudio  on 1/23/2012

Ok so, this was my first ever blade. I combined it with Yasaka Mark V 2.0 mm rubbers. Then later switched to Sriver L 2.1. All i can say that this is definitely a great first blade for any amateur enthusiast's like myself. Speed is not that fast but definitely enough for beginner/low intermediate play. One thing that this blade has is CONTROL, as a name Precision says for itself. The handle is very nice and just fits in your hand. Also it is cheap blade that you can set up for defence, allround play or offensive. I can really see this blade working great with tenergy rubbers as an offensive bat for intermediate players. If you were considering buying it for you first blade, i say go for it. Than change the rubbers according to you play style :)

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