Butterfly Timo Boll Spark

Butterfly Timo Boll Spark Blade
Approx. $ 145 USD
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User Ratings (13)

Speed 7.6
Control 8.1
Stiffness 3.5   
Some flex
Hardness 4.8   
Consistency 9.2   
Always identical
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.6
Control 7.8
Weight 90g
Plies 7
Materials Arylate
Thickness 5.4mm

Reviews (6)

reytagum  on 10/2/2017

Has very good control. Best suited if partnered with long pimpled rubber in one side.
JCP70  on 2/14/2017

Very good Blade... Excelent controle...and good speed A pleasure play with!!!!
powerlefty  on 12/9/2013

Worse blade I have ever used. Slow with no feeling and way to thin. Maybe good for a pips play but no topspin player wont be overpowered using this unless they play a player under 1000 USATT rated.
amelnik  on 6/21/2010

extremely flexy...great for loops mid distance, straight handle is rare...but comfortable and round....nice and thin blade good control
JimC  on 12/31/2009

One of the best blades I have played with-it now appears discontinued by Butterfly. I started with the Keyshot and switched to the Biside and Butterfly recommended this blade for a replacement for the biside. It is a flexible blade well suit for my allround change of spin game with pips on my backhand (I spin the bat to loop backhand, I almost never hit with the pips on the FH) The craftsmanship is top flight and I like the soft feel for both chopping from deep or spinning off my backhand side. The control is very good and this blade has lasted along time (at least 10 sheets of Rubber and I change now every 6 months or so)

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