Butterfly Timo Boll T5000 Tamca

Butterfly Timo Boll T5000 Tamca Blade
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User Ratings (24)

Speed 9.6
Control 8.0
Stiffness 7.2   
Hardness 8.1   
Consistency 8.7   
Always identical
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10
Control 7.0
Weight 90g
Plies 7
Materials Carbon
Thickness 5.5mm
There are 1 users using the Butterfly Timo Boll T5000 Tamca.
Carbon TAMCA 5000 is known for its unbelievable power. This blade uses material that reduces the thickness of blade without losing Tamca 5000’s advantage.

Reviews (14)

jbgwtf  on 5/29/2015

Its really fast blade and not for everyone u should have good footwork...i use t05 on fh and t05fx on bh ... u can loop , smash, if you have good feel u can chop, it is fast, but control is great.. for short play its bouncy so it need training to get used to it..flicks are easy,throw angle is high, but not to high , and topspins are fast, not crazy fast.. there are faster blades, like kilerspin diamond c , off ++(+) from dhs... , so if u feel that tbs or alc and other off blades are slow for u, u should try it...u can give nice spin on serves.. if you dont train few years with good trainer then dont even think about it...it doesnt feel to stiff and hard , it has nice feel... one of the best blades that i used.. speed is simular to samsonov carbon, little bit faster, with harder feel and more control , little bit higher throws...
debraj  on 4/1/2011

butterfly's speed rating is wrong. .. this is not a 10 speed blade. much less much controllable. but not speed deficient. being pure it has better feel than carbon-composite blades while looping and hitting, but the cost is a little springy in short game. overall one of butterfly's best blades ..
HumbleBear  on 9/10/2018

I asked for the lightest blade with anatomic handle and it weighs 85.9g measured 5.5mm thick. Has very beautiful patterns and quality. Razka 7 soft is suitable for both sides, but I have it on FH & Razka 7 on BH. The feel is not too hard at all with very little vibration when hit hard due to the T-5000 carbon absorbing most of the vibrations. The speed is very fast; equal to Primorac Carbon; but slightly slower & not as bouncy as my JMSZLC but faster than Zhang Jike SZLC. This blade can produce the most spin among all of my blades that maybe equal or better than the JMSZLC. It can do all kinds of shots: touch shot over the net, slow, or fast loops, flicks underspin. I adjusted to it within 20 minutes. The T-5000 carbon works great on a thin blade like this with perfect blend of speed/control/spin. I think the biggest disadvantage of this blade is the lack of dwell and less feel from the carbon. Here is the summary of my review: Speed=9.6; Control=8.5; Spin=9.5; Feel=8(solid & without vibration), Flick=easy; Flex=6.5; Hardness=6; Balance=good; AN grip=nice shape but small; Dwell=avg-; Smash, flat hit & Drive=excellent; Throw=med; Serve=excellent; Sweetspot=huge; touch shot=excellent; Overall=9.3
simeiboismasher  on 1/1/2018

Been using for less than a year. It is an awesome powerful blade, good with tibhar mxp forehand and xiom omega v.
butterflybiggestfan  on 7/14/2014

awesome power

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