Butterfly Timo Boll W7

Butterfly Timo Boll W7 Blade
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User Ratings (14)

Speed 8.9
Control 8.7
Stiffness 7.1   
Hardness 7.5   
Consistency 9.6   
Always identical
Overall 8.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 85 / 100
Control 85 / 100
Weight 94g
Plies 7
Thickness 6.7mm
There are 4 users using the Butterfly Timo Boll W7.
This characteristic is in power and the balance between attack and control, thus enabling both dynamic and delicate control play. It is the only plywood model in TIMO BOLL series and the ultimate 7-ply wood blade.

Reviews (6)

yeshuohu  on 4/27/2018

Great 7ply wood, Best racket out there for 7ply wood, Only downside i found is the handle is a bit small for my hand so i got some grip tape for it.. otherwise very good racket
Killerspint  on 4/7/2015

One of the best 7-ply wood blade ever made and on the most exclusive with the Nittaku Barewell. Powerfull (more gears and as much powerfull as TBS), stable, huge sweet spot, perfect allwood feeling and touch......... Clipper users seeking more power and better quality blade can buy this one, you will be amazed. Carbon-blade users should also give a try to this allwood blade, this blade makes table tennis so much easier. Issue : the price, its expensive, it's an exclusive blade with same price as TBS (€99.90) and the other issue is........the blade has been discontinued and doesn't appear in latest butterfly catalog.....and there is no other 7-plywood that is similar (Clipper base with Koto outer).
clublevelplayer  on 9/6/2012

My set up for timo boll w7 fh Nittaku fast arc G-1 bh Mark V HPS. Looping game- is the area of this blade. Its 7.00 mm head thickness power play its speed for this stroke is fast just like a carbon blade but with dwell and you were able to feel every stroke of this blade. A crisp sound and crack for every smash, loop and counter. Bought this over the W5 because of the 7 plies. Heavy blade opted Nittaku and Yasaka off - rubbers against tenergy because of the weight. Overall this is a great blade for those who want to feel the crisp of every shot nice control for an 7 ply blade. Must try.
deck  on 5/19/2012

Initial impression I love the appealing red color and the handle flared is perfect for my small hand and quite short fingers, paired it with tenergy 05 max for my forehand and mark v Hps max for back hand. 7 ply wood blade is a very fast blade. The control is the main characteristics of this blade. Great for blocking return in backhand, a little vibration feel in forehand blocking. Smashing and flat drives are relatively easy strokes for this blade. You need to get to know and adjust this beast for looping though. For the next rubber on FH i will try the Nittaku Fast Arc G-1. Tenergy 05 will be turning 7 months old. W-5 timo boll is now available in the market manufacturer says that it has the same speed and more control.. did anyone tried it with the same or similar setup as mine.. curious to know.. but for now ill be staying with this blade.. iam quite satisfied with this blade.
Quan  on 11/8/2009

Extremely good for flat hitting and has good control. But not so great for looping (against backspin) has less spin than The Timo Boll Spirit/ ALC due to less dwell time. Compared to these blades the W7 is not good for short games, serves and pushes

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