Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC

Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC Blade
Approx. $ 227 USD
Price $

User Ratings (42)

Speed 9.4
Control 9.1
Stiffness 5.4   
Hardness 6.2   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.3   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 95 / 100
Control 75 / 100
Plies 7
Materials 2 plies of Zylon Carbon, 5 plies of Wood
Thickness 5.5mm
There are 15 users using the Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC.
ZL Carbon High Performance Model for the next generation

Butterfly have developed a supreme material called ZL Carbon which keeps this blade fast and the ZL fibres make it light and flexible. This is a high performance blade with ZL Carbon, enables high rebound and flexibility at the same time.

Reviews (23)

Vihito  on 7/2/2012

Good looping blade, good ontrol, but very overpriced for its characteristics.
emm  on 5/26/2011

Came from Gergely T5000 and transferred my rubber to this paddle. I immediately felt my loops are faster and more accurate. Control is much better. This paddle suits my playing style. Chopper/Blocker on the BH and looper on the forehand. Good for hard smashes.
SpinMan  on 9/2/2016

Last week a friend of mine played a while with my blade, the TB-ZLC (ST). He didnt like it too much. He said: "I recognize its potential, but I dont like the feel, it feels a bit numb." I told him that this blade is like beer, maybe the first time it doesnt taste that good, but if you drink it a couple of times, it will taste better and better :). In short: this is an excellent blade, very fast when you attack and lots of control in the short game and blocking. The Zylon Carbon accounts for high stability and also a great catapult effect, with still a decent dwell time. A great blade for close to the table and mid distance attackers.
JonathanJ  on 4/27/2012

Just got it, but it has been amazing. Great speed, but not too fast. Amazing control and flex for a carbon blade. Way expensive, but, hey, it was a Christmas gift. If you're willing to spend this much, go for it. It's a great blade I'm sure I'll have more to say as I use it more :)
XtreMmMmOoOo  on 4/18/2012

Very good blade... fast but controlable with very good touch for player who want to play fast topspins and flat hits.I used to use stiga rosewood V.This has same control with better speed.But if you want play slow spinny topspins ,maybe rosewood is better for this

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