Butterfly VSG-1000

Butterfly VSG-1000 Blade
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User Ratings (6)

Speed 9.3
Control 7.7
Stiffness 4.0   
Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.8   
Always identical
Overall 8.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.4
Control 7.8
Weight 87g
Plies 5
Thickness 7.3mm
The VSG 1000 model is the fastest of our VSG blades. Lightweight and extremely powerful, this is ideal for punishing the 40mm ball. This is perhaps the prototype blade for the new more horizontal looping game that the 40mm ball has created.

Reviews (3)

vir  on 5/13/2013

the fastest blade from Butterfly, very good handle with a nice rubber
summer  on 3/13/2013

The name says it all. No vibration, but with good feeling. good for blocking, but good in offense too. But if you use it, you'll know it lacks something. If you go for chops, the ball flies, go for all out offense, it lacks the power needed for the kill. for loops, you'll find your balls less heavy even with good swings, so easy to block.. I teamed it up with variety of rubbers during the time I used it: tuttle beijing 3, sriver fx (FH) , stiga Mendo energy, hurricane 3 neo (BH). Anyway, still a decent blade.
Joey-THA  on 4/18/2011

I first got this blade when I was 17 years old. I still remember its power and good feeling until today. One of the best blade i've ever used. Very powerful and easy to control. Good blade.

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