Cornilleau Aero OFF+ Soft Carbon

Cornilleau Aero OFF+ Soft Carbon Blade
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User Ratings (14)

Speed 9.1
Control 8.7
Stiffness 4.4   
Hardness 5.0   
Consistency 9.2   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 75g
Plies 5
There are 4 users using the Cornilleau Aero OFF+ Soft Carbon.
Probably the lightest Carbon blade on the market! Its two High Tech layers (special blend of carbon and epoxy-resin fibres) will provide the owners of this resolutely offensive blade with unprecedented sensations of power and precision. A perfect choice for those who want to muscle up their game or just discover the joys of carbon!

Reviews (9)

jakagledek  on 7/20/2013

I am using this blade with Rakza 7 Max on FH and Mark V 2.0 on BH. I was using 729 Bomb with the same rubber before I switched to this blade because I want to try a carbon blade, albeit this blade using a soft carbon (according to manufacturer). I was a bit doubtful because I cannot find suitable review to this blade on the net and my review is compared to my experience while using 729 Bomb. Aero Off+ felt faster than Bomb, but it is also less spinnier, perhaps because it is stiffer and harder than Bomb. It has better control than the bomb, mainly I think because it is lighter, although I know a guy who said the lightness put them off. I can't really make an in depth review because I have only been using it for around 2 weeks, but so far I like using Aero Off+ more than Bomb and didn't regret switching to it. I will try to post another review after using it longer.
Metalhead  on 12/3/2017

Before it I had a super core cell all+. It weight 80g. The throw angle is perfect: high but not too much, amazing for top spin close to the table and mid-far. I have an amazing control for an off+ blade, almost like my super core cell all+ !!!!! And my blocks are very effective, so much speedy ! There is little vibrations, so we have a very good feeling. This is an A-MA-ZING blade, the perfect combination with my rubbers ! Update : Now that I've tried some others blade (joola wing passion extreme and dhs tg 825) I love it even more. The soft but still consistent feeling is really amazing, so the control follow. The low and well disrtibuted weight healed me from shoulder problems. Highly recommended ! EDIT: now this blade don't suit my game any more. I fini it now too stiff, and it don't give me enough feeling.
Andew  on 12/21/2017

My best blade it is faster and slower than a PG7. Weight is like a T11+ but with good arc and soft touch in the short game. With a rubber speed rated over 8.4 I find I am restricting my stroke. I can recommend soft Palio HK1997 Biotech speed rated at 8.3 on this for chopping and hitting. It is cheap and good on this blade. I did not try H3NPO because I needed a light blade.
coach_1  on 8/31/2017

The best Blade i've ever had. Very Powerfull, good feeling and ballance and the most important this blade is very light.
jonfrancis  on 3/10/2017

I did not give any numeric rating. I have been using it for 10 days. it does not feel as fast as tibhar killer illusion. Speed,as if, an allround offensive blade off- to off , but You can still perform hits powerful enough from mid court With tuned Nh3.slow on slow strokes,powerful on fast strokes.Short game is very easy. Enough Flex for art toppins and fairly soft touch, especially for a carbon blade. For someone, who wants to release carbon power at The first contact (such as t-11+, or at least TBS) this blade is then too is not bouncy either. I can swing without no fear and hesitation. i can hit hard and it goes to The Target pretty powerfully. it is quite lightweight. It is almost 166 Gr With 39 degree 2.15mm tuned nh3 AnD yasaka rakza 7 2mm. arguable blade for different understandings and approaches. People, who like hard blades like a wall or who wants to send The ball effortlessly Via a little push, then this blade May feels deficient.but works well for me.

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