Cornilleau Hugo Calderano OFF+

Cornilleau Hugo Calderano OFF+ Blade
Approx. $ 60 USD
Price $

User Ratings (5)

Speed 8.3
Control 8.4
Stiffness 6.2   
Hardness 5.8   
Consistency 8.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 85
Plies 5

Reviews (3)

deepoceankenny  on 7/8/2018

Slow in blocking, driving, slamming, but excellent in training for players value athletics as one really need full swing to make the ball going. Definitely better in terms of CONTROL compare to Foco off-. ( Foco off- is allow more sensory feed back to hand, but detailed urgent full commitments of all muscle and joints makes control harder, and we should learn how to react to least sensory input, in view of CONTROL and atheletism). Where as Hurricane Long five just need localized wrist tap and ball shoots to the corner you want, in speed! While top players mostly gone to carbon bats, some argue slower wood blade for their idea of control - but far east Asian have already almost all conditioned to have delicate hands after 20th century industrialization! Its like arguing whether Cinderella should have delicate or rough hand in manual works - ultimately I know Cinderella should (or MUST) have delicate hand. So use Carbon to train control! I then recommend WOOD for male players regardless of hand types ( we want exercise 6 packs, not plastic love), and I recommend CARBON for female players regardless of body types ( they need common SENSE, consider netball, cycling, and rhythmic gymnastic!). However if one is desperate to be a champion on occasions, men can borrow LADIES bat! However I dont think oversea Chinese can accept this idea more than the Chinese, they will just invent another TRADITION like monogamy! I recommend dropping all social advantages in sport duels! I measure Control of racket 1. speed of looping 2. speed of the ball spin back to net and how easy to topspin. 3. speed of counter slamming 4. speed of sudden wide shots, vary placement, spin, speed with least amount of movements shown. This way I crown DHS Hurricane Long 5, however, I love this Calderano Foco + because I place physical exercise (I mean Speed, Agility, Dexterity, Beauty, Bravo (and Christ) above making opponents unable to return. So overall this bat is 10/10 as my primary racket.
ttandi  7 months ago

very good blade for the money. here in europe under 50 euro.
BMX2  on 12/21/2018

21 Dec,2018:-Lovely blade,great craftsmanship.Edges very nicely rounded,no damage to my hands. Amazing punch shots,grip suits my BH.using Joola Maxx -P (red,BH),Hurricance neo-3 (Black,FH).Speed is quite impressive when one wants it,hit hard and be amazed with the speed.Block with soft hands,ball can drop amazingly short.Chops with this set up were the most spinny I ever produced along with Nittaku acoustic.Amazing drop-shots due to great control.Blocks are amazing too.

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