Darker 7P-2A.DF

Darker 7P-2A.DF Blade
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User Ratings (4)

Speed 6.7
Control 9.6
Stiffness 3.3   
Some flex
Hardness 2.7   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 82g +/- 2g
Plies 7
Materials All Hinoki
Thickness 6.2mm
There are 2 users using the Darker 7P-2A.DF.
No ratings or description in the packaging

Only available in ST

Reviews (4)

Adam  on 12/20/2013

Currently awaiting arrival of this blade to be my traveling peacekeeper. Will update soon with first impressions. If anyone is currently using this and is a stylish defensive long rally spinner, I would love to hear what you are using for FH & BH, as I am currently up to my neck in rubber reviews without a local pro shop to go see options. Very exciting. ::Update:: Took my new bat to the club and it has certainly improved my game. Even managed to steal a few wins against better players by keeping rallies alive with off the table defense -- which I enjoy. Adding MarkV and Dr.'s Special Defense has made the paddle very heavy though, more than I was anticipating. Perhaps that is good. Very pleased.
cogito  on 8/4/2012

forehand: a phantastic spin machine. I never before and thereafter had such an easily spinning blade. Superb control. backhand: a bit troublesome to pick out suitable LP-rubbers. The mild catapult has to be mastered that blocks do not be thrown out to high. Probably more suitable for modern defense than for close to the table defense.
amelnik  on 11/14/2010

7 ply blade....all hinoki.... AWESOME.... i have tried ALOT of different defensive blades..... donic defplay - too much vibration and too slow butterfly defence II - not bad but slightly dead feeling for loop attacking butterfly timo boll spark - good but blade face size too small the 7p-2a.df is GREAT with pips...chopping and looping from both wings, the 7 plys allow for stiffness that can assist in reversal strokes but the hinoki allows for devestating loops.... edit...blade is very high throw with OX pips....some may like this but I prefer a more linear blade....moved to BBC allround
NiTTaKu  on 8/22/2008

It's a great modern defence blade, even good for allround play. Great speed for attacks, good control against hard shots and a nice hinoki feeling. Blade comes from factory with edges sanded down, perfect craftsmanship

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