Darker 7P-2A.7t

Darker 7P-2A.7t Blade
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User Ratings (5)

Speed 8.6
Control 9.1
Stiffness 5.8   
Hardness 4.9   
Consistency 7.5   
Always identical
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 10
Control 10 / 10
Weight 84
Plies 7
Materials Hinoki
Thickness 7
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Reviews (3)

Amilcar  on 4/23/2017

Usually my C-Pen blade of choice is almost always the same:7 plye,all wood(Hinoki or Limba) stiff but soft with enough speed,good control/blocking and Feel.My Darker c-pen 84g certainly fits that criteria.Blade is wonderfully made with excellent and exquisite Kiso Hinoki . And is very good all wood Offensive blade.Problem is I have10+ similar blades and I still prefer my Clipper.Maybe and I hope my Darker will become my back up blade.(must note the c-pen handle is shorter then normal ).Hope my review is helpfull....
Vadim_Bilas  on 7/13/2016

Perfect blade! Chinese pen. Weight 78gr. A wonderful feeling for the ball. Offensive blade. The length of the blade (as compared to Fuga Xiom) 1 cm shorter. This is the only thing that upset. The rest - a very, very worthy blade.
cogito  on 7/5/2013

I have played so far the Darker blades Legato, 5p-2a, 7p-2a.df, 7p-2a, 7p-2a.Carbon, Esteem and the 7p-2a.7t. Among all those blades the 7t model offers the greatest control. It is also well suited for the use with LP-out/OX with a very low arc of flight and rapid sinking of the ball.

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