Darker 7P-2A.Carbon

Darker 7P-2A.Carbon Blade
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Speed 8.8
Control 9.6
Stiffness 4.7   
Hardness 5.4   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 8.9 10
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Reviews (6)

theaxx1  on 2/26/2016

A great blade , fast , speed-elastic, great control !! A BESTSELLER!!!
Andrew_10  on 8/14/2014

Amazing blade!!!!!!!
cogito  on 5/25/2013

I have played the 7p-2a and decided to test some further Darker blades in that range. One of them was the 7p-2a.Carbon. It is more crisp than the 7p-2a and offers more spin. However with LP/OX blocks often went off to high and long compared to the 7p-2a or the 7p-2a.7t. Compared to the latter blade the Carbon version shows some flex, which might be responsible for the superior spin generation as well as for the sensitivity towards incoming spin. For my abilities this blade is a little bit too demanding. So I will stay with the 7t version. Nevertheless this is a superb blade for those who can handle it.
robs75  on 3/2/2013

I have been using this blade for two weeks and it is great. This carbon blade has great feel and some of the best control I have ever had with a carbon blade. I am hitting with great speed not as fast as some carbon blades though, but the control is always there. The short, and mid game are there with almost no effort. Worth the time and investment.
BlackDog  on 12/28/2012

Nice blade. 8/10 I don't have a rating, but I win and lose against 1800 rated players. I was using a Samsonov Alpha (OFF- blade) and had this blade fall into my lap. I put some cheap Gambler Outlaw on it, and immediately hit the best I ever had. I'm 30 years old, and I play a hard hitting mid distance attacking loop game. Handle--I have big hands, and I have always had a hard time finding suitable handles. I have the FL handle in the 7p-2a, and it is great for me. It is almost as thick as the Butterfly Michael Maze ST. I can't speak to the ST of the 7p-2a, but I can say the ST handle Darker blades I have used seemed a little too thin for my hands, but not tiny by any means. Speed--this blade has gears. I feel comfortable hitting hard top shots from the baseline all the way to the back wall. I would say this blade goes from ALL+ with softer rubbers all the way to OFF with hard rubbers. I don't feel like it is too fast, or as if I have to hold back or risk losing control. This was a big surprise to me, as I have disliked the carbon blades I have tried and vowed I would never use one. Control--I feel like I can hit a DIME with this blade. I feel like I have more control than with my Samsonov Alpha, and that's saying a lot. The carbon layers are close to the center rather than in the outside plies, as in most other carbon blades. I think it allows for better feel and control. Feel--this feels medium soft to me, but in that hinoki way. The feel is superb. I can push no problem. But the ease of looping is the headline for this blade. I never would have expected it of a blade that is 6.5mm thick. Update: after using this for two months, I still think it is a very good blade. I am switching to a ST handled blade because I prefer them, and I need something with a bit more BOOM, since I am playing mid distance pretty consistently now. But if you like the feel of hinoki, and especially if you like harder rubbers, this blade is a gem.

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