Darker Imperial Hinoki 2020

Darker Imperial Hinoki 2020 Blade
Approx. $ 400 USD
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Thickness 9mm
The Darker Imperial Hinoki 2020 is exceptional. It is a single ply, made of the best quality Kiso Hinoki wood. Every single component and step of the development is excruciatingly carefully selected and controlled, making it one of the most exclusive blades on the market. Japanese Kiso Hinoki wood is so rare that we can only hope that Darker will continue to have access to the high-quality Hinoki wood from that area for many more years to come because once they run out, it will be another 250 years until the newer Hinoki trees will be aged enough to be once again used in the making of these beautifully crafted blades. Let's just say that the price is warranted.

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