Darker Liberta Synergy

Darker Liberta Synergy Blade
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Speed 9.3
Control 9.4
Stiffness 5.0   
Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
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Reviews (2)

tpackk  on 11/8/2017

The Blade is designed in Japan, but made in China, so Darker do not have a high standard with blade finish as butterfly, but mine was pretty solid. The outer Limba has great smooth finish. The size of the blade is standard 157 x 150mm and the handle is little thin, but it fits well in hand. I can compare it with TB ALC FL handle, they are almost identical. I really like the handle, it has a nice grip. During the testing I used T05 on both sides. The balance of the blade is well paired with heavy rubbers, little to the head, but I like it. I was suprised that this limba feels harder like M.Maze for example but still softer then Koto. The Izanas Carbon give the blade large sweet spot and great speed. Liberta has a good flex, so the speed is on OFF level. I tis not so powerfull like Viscaria but it has a enoug power to play away from the table (like M.Maze). Due to Limba outer ply and inner carbon, the blade have a good feel I was able to play exactly what I want . Overall of Control was on the high level for carbon blade, block was easy with a lot of feel. Attacking game is the part where the blade shining. It has good dwell time and tospins were spinny. The flex of the blade help me play FH topspins from middle distance and away from the table with good power and consistency. Balance to the head and thin handle allow me play BH flicks and topspins with good power and spin (before I was no able use me wrist on that level with my Viscaria due to balance and thick handle) . Conclusion: This is a well made blade. I tis not a clone of some other blade, it has a unique feel. I will recomend this blade to Allround – Offensive players who wants to play controled attacking game.
pepinho  on 8/6/2017

This is A Do It All Blade. Real Gem! Power and Touch. Works great with Tenergies. I've got 2 identical by 88 gr and now I am selling all of the rest blades I have... The End of an EJ era!

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