Darker Speed 90

Darker Speed 90 Blade
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Speed 9.5
Control 9.4
Stiffness 4.1   
Hardness 3.0   
Medium soft
Consistency 9.4   
Always identical
Overall 9.6 10
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JUNGLESTRUT24  on 6/13/2015

I have finally found the Holy Grail of all table tennis blades. From now on I will not be using anything else other than this. It is now my ONLY weapon of choice. This will also be my last purchase for as long as I have it. After buying and selling a whole gamut of Butterfly blades (ZJK ALC & SZLC, GARAYDIA ZLC & Vizcaria), Andro Treiber Z, Nittaku Septear & Noveliar, I have now arrived at the final frontier. Kiso Hinoki is legendary which is why you may notice that all of the blades I've used in the past have some sort of this wood being used in their construction. When I found out that this blade was discontinued by Darker in 2014, due to the severe shortage of premium quality Kiso Hinoki, I immediately purchased three (3x) from the OOAK Shop as they managed to secure one final shipment. Everything that's been said about this blade is 100% TRUE. No amount of R&D that Butterfly will ever spend on the latest greatest cutting edge carbon can ever replace the FEELING that you get from a Darker Speed 90 in your hand. This blade is highly dynamic, offering great touch and slow speed at low impact and huge power with high spin at high impact. The optimized thickness and shape provides a highly stable blade with the largest sweet-spot of any blade in existence covering the ENTIRE face of the blade and producing virtually ZERO vibrations. Because of that this blade is tremendously confidence inspiring when paired up with the right combination of rubbers. Impossible to place shots I weren't able to make before are now more powerful, more spinnier and more accurate. During open ups I am now the aggressor versus being stuck in an endless game of pushing and chopping - so annoying! My search is finally over and I am so glad I was able to secure a final shipment before these rare species finally gone extinct. Currently using Nittaku Fastarc C-1 on the FH and Nittaku Alhelg on the BH. I may experiment with Fastarc P-1s & Tenergys n d future but right now its perfect!
AlanGP  6 months ago

Found my blade. First of all, hinoki blades are other level of play. Among these, premium quality hinoki like Darker speed 90 are the best. I just ordered my second one these days, I'm going to use two different sets, only changing the rubbers. About the features, it's feeling is out of this world, excellent control and speed at the same time, with the right thickness for RPB. Truly amazing.
tova  on 9/15/2017

Impossible to find new, but also used is fine. I play with Tngy 05 fh and Tngy 25 bh. Gentle and wild, is the final choice. The best blade ever tried.
nanoerman  on 8/1/2017

This blade is really amazing , you can feel the ball on your heart ( if you use proper rubber ) , do not look other blades if you have the money to afford this blade . On loops , close to mid range , sharp movement will give you unbelievable amount of spin without losing speed and you really feel the power on your hand , also for backhand loops , if you have a sharp movement like fan zhendong or zhang jike , the consistency is unbelievable , however , if you dont have sharp movements like timo boll then this blade is not so good cause it gives you high throw angle , and the last i played 2 years with H3 provincal blue sponge rubber , that rubber without of 3 or 4 layer boosting , is not working with that blade. Cheers
Silversmash  on 4/30/2017

Hey there! Can anyone please provide me the link where should I buy this blade from. I am a big fan of this blade and I'm in dire need of it.

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