Dawei Genote Quattro F (EF)

Dawei Genote Quattro F (EF) Blade
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User Ratings (4)

Speed 8.3
Control 8.8
Stiffness 7.0   
Hardness 3.2   
Medium soft
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.0 / 10
Control 8.5 / 10
Weight 87g
Plies 7
Materials 5 plies of wood (contains Limba); 2 plies of Glass Fibre

Reviews (3)

dynamisoz  on 5/12/2009

this blade is pretty unique.... It feels like, somewhat stiff but it is also soft. its got good sweet spot thanks to the glassfiber. I find it very good for looping from a mid distant, it is not super fast, but will load ton of spin with tenergy05 on my fh. For those of you wanting soft feeling blade without much vibration ,,, this is it... i also find it very good for short game and back hand flips.... i have so much control with the blade...
Anonymous  on 8/18/2011

One of my oldest blades, but I still keep it with rubbers on, and play occasionaly. It has really unique feeling not too fast but sertainly not slow, around 90g, has very good control. Good for middistance loops, and perfect for blocking. I used it with Platin (FH) and Platin Soft (BH), if it was just a touch faster... I have moved to T-11, which I think has everything I need, but a bit too light.
ppgear  on 1/31/2009

This is quite a stiff blade. It has low dwell time so it's hard to get spinny loops with a healthy arc. Loops seem to go more straight instead of curving downward so you may need to pair this with a softer sponge (and maybe tackier rubber) to compensate for that if you want to loop with it. Maybe this would fit a short pips hitter better than a looper.

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