Dawei GTS

Dawei GTS Blade
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User Ratings (4)

Speed 7.3
Control 7.2
Stiffness 3.8   
Some flex
Hardness 4.3   
Medium soft
Consistency 6.7   
Occasional variations
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 8.5 / 10
Control 7.5 / 10
Weight 85g
Plies 5
Materials 3 plies of wood; 2 plies of Carbon
Thickness 6.8mm
There are 1 users using the Dawei GTS.
This is Dawei's clone of the Butterfly Schlager Carbon

Reviews (3)

pippy  on 8/8/2014

This completes my rewrites of all my blades, not that I'll quit rewritting:) I play a slow game and this is a gun compared to my other blades. But it is very stable and predictable under low to med speed but for higher speeds I'm not qualified for that level of rally and I just spray balls and make errors. It's an attackers blade and many have praised it but not for me. At the start I liked it better than my slow blades because it plays for you. An aggressive PB may like it as it gives crisp, low pushes and blocks but watch out as the speed accelerates.
ilmiamin  on 4/20/2012

This is the 2nd carbon blade i've try after gergely. it's lighter than gergely. speed and control is ok. I love it
ppgear  on 5/20/2008

Power on flat hits is about medium, but speed on loops is very fast with the right contact. Comparing to the Dynasty Hinoki Carbon that I've been using, the GTS is noticeably slower on flat hits but is a notch higher on loops when done right. If you can really get a sharp angle on the loop, it will dart by like lightning, otherwise it's got average loop speed. This blade would be great if you want more control on your blocks, but still want the ability to produce killer loops. This is probably a hard combination to find in a composite blade.

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