Dawei R2

Dawei R2 Blade
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User Ratings (6)

Speed 7.9
Control 8.7
Stiffness 4.7   
Hardness 5.7   
Consistency 6.7   
Occasional variations
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 79g
Thickness 6.8mm
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Reviews (4)

pippy  on 3/5/2015

5th year long term report: Same untouched setup I constructed years ago, with 1.8 SPXP and 755 ox red. It has seen its share of action and at times I have put it away.I have 4 other R2 combos. The magic in this affordable blade is the thick central ayous layer. I can't find another blade that has a similar construction with 5 plys and 6.9mm. For pushblocking with 755 ox that has lost alot of friction but no pips, it blocks the high-speed drives or loops better than my balsa blades which may block shorter at lower speeds. My slower blades block with a higher throw and more vibes.It has the ideal pace for pushing hard with pips and blocking short or long at the table. Chopping from far away gives more wobble than a newer sheet of dtecs ox and the speed of the R2 helps. The return of serve is easier than other slower or faster combos that I have including dtecs on FW+. Plus the normal egg-shaped face helps me loop when I have to and to make quick inverted blocks as the R2 is more manuverable than larger def blades. It is overall my best combo for defensive and offensive play. Also the 755ox really pairs well with the R2's speed and low-throw. I can't miss with it:)
ppgear  on 5/8/2008

At around 77g (I have one as light as 73g, and the heaviest I've seen is 85g) and medium to medium-fast, this has taken over the Dawei Kama as my economy blade of choice! I can think of at least a few blades I carry (which all cost more) that I like less than the R2. It has decent flex and has a soft feel to it. It's got a nice style as well (it's a Genote!).
embracethespin  on 10/20/2016

I bought this as my first custom racket (with Donier Max Attack 2.0mm on both sides) and I would highly recommend it for any beginner on a low budget (like me :D ). It's a light 5-ply all-wood (ayous) blade with a thick core and thin outer and in-between plies. It is slightly on the soft and flexible side of wooden blades. This combination of softness and thickness (mine is more than 7mm thick) is probably what makes this a good all-round racket. It provides an amazing amount of control and it easily supports every style of play, from looping to blocking and more. However, it is missing a bit of speed, shots need more power than average to cross the table. I believe it could have been constructed a little harder so that it could gain some speed. You should avoid this racket if you are an experienced intermediate and above, otherwise you can definitely improve with this one. Other than that, the outer ayous ply is going to splinter easily if not treated carefully.
wmage  on 8/25/2012

My blade is 89gr, that isn't low. But control and feeling very good. Play with DHS PF4

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