Dawei Wavestone WRB

Dawei Wavestone WRB Blade
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User Ratings (6)

Speed 9.1
Control 7.4
Stiffness 6.8   
Hardness 5.1   
Consistency 5.0   
Occasional variations
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 10
Control 8.5 / 10
Weight 89g +/- 5g
Plies 5
Materials Carbon arylate
Thickness 6.3mm
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Reviews (6)

bmasterr  on 11/6/2013

I've changed form My Xiom Strato to this one.I've tried BTY ALC such TMB ALC and Viscaria.It has similar feel to both of its.But it has more Vibration but not much(just a little), no ping sound like the other carbon blade which made in china.I rated its Speed : 9 Control : 8.8 Stiffness : Stiff Hardness : Medium Soft - Medium (I think It's should be rated it around here) For this price,It can't be beated.I don't exaggerate its quality has similar to expensive blade.But you have to sand wing of handle because it's sharp.
seguso  on 6/1/2012

Very fast, very spinny, stiff blade with little dwell time. It is very bouncy. The feeling is soft but dwell time is very low. less spinny than the Galaxy T8, being harder. But it has more power than the Galaxy T8. I got one which weight 98 grams, and another one, more recent, which weighs 87 grams. So ask your dealer for the weight you like. This blade is very good both with hard and soft rubbers. I have used it with great satisfaction with Hurricane 3 2.2, Gambler outlaw 2.2, Galaxy Sun 2.2. the throw is rather low (but not as low as other carbon blades such as galaxy t4) and the trajectory is long. too fast for tensor rubbers, at least at my level.
gekogark1212  on 4/8/2008

Quite a quick blade. Although it is quite fast, its limba top ply makes it feel very nice. Works very well with tensor rubbers. The thing is, you either get the WRB version, which is very head heavy, or the non-WRB version, which is heavy overall. So pretty much a lesser of two evils choice.
lostmytoy  on 3/4/2012

The one I got with Cream transend and Outlaw is very well balanced. Quite fast initially but now it works very well. Stiff but still have good feel and control.
ppgear  on 1/31/2009

I've had Dawei make me a batch with a new handle, and with the weight cut down to around 85g (still WRB) and I'm very likely going to switch to this from the Dynasty Hinoki Carbon. It's a good offensive blade on the stiff side with a lower throw angle. It's essentially a slightly stiffer version of the Dynasty Hinoki Carbon.

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