Dawei Wavestone

Dawei Wavestone Blade
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Speed 10.0
Control 6.0
Stiffness 10.0   
Very stiff
Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Consistency 0.0   
Usually different
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 97
Control 91
Weight 90
Plies 5
Materials Arylate Carbon
Thickness 7.8

Carbon materials will be widely used in blades beyond 2008 to compensate the speed. But the downside of the conventional carbon blade is the serious loss of feeling. The definite feeling for better control is the core competence for professional players. Wavestone MKII has focused on creating sensitive feel by introducing a new layer combination and special gluings. Arylate-Carbon or soft carbon are carefully matched with selected woods to create the upgraded character,

Arylate/Carbon - Arylate-Carbon blade is made by the hybrid technology used by Vectran fiber and Carbon. Carbon offers high speed and excellent stability, Arylate a very good elasticity

The blade was originally designed in JAPAN. But after consultation with the engineers at Dawei, we asked for this new version to be made, It consists of a Solid Handle, giving this blade back the Balance it required, We also insisted they made the Handle Longer & Thicker to Facilitate the Larger European & Australian Hand.

This is a FAST (OFF+) attack style blade, but with a Vey soft feel, providing a perfect combination of speed and control.
This is a High-Tech 5-ply blade (2 arylate-carbon, 3 wood). It implements the new IB TECH technology, which improves speed, balance, control and provides better touch. The high grade carbon layers provide a huge sweetspot. The Arylate dampens the excess vibrations caused by impact, and provides a much softer feel to the blade. This blade offer huge power at all distances, and is outstanding for looping, power drives, smashes and blocking, but has soft enough feel for some touch shots.

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This is the solid handle, non-WRB version.

Reviews (1)

seguso  on 6/1/2012

Very fast, very spinny, stiff blade with little dwell time. It is very bouncy. The feeling is soft but dwell time is very low. less spinny than the Galaxy T8, being harder. But it has more power than the Galaxy T8. I got one which weight 98 grams, and another one, more recent, which weighs 87 grams. So ask your dealer for the weight you like. This blade is very good both with hard and soft rubbers. I have used it with great satisfaction with Hurricane 3 2.2, Gambler outlaw 2.2, Galaxy Sun 2.2. the throw is rather low (but not as low as other carbon blades such as galaxy t4) and the trajectory is long. too fast for tensor rubbers, at least at my level.

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