DHS Fang Bo B2X

DHS Fang Bo B2X Blade
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User Ratings (8)

Speed 9.7
Control 9.3
Stiffness 7.0   
Hardness 7.1   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.4   
Always identical
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 9
Control 9.0 / 9
Weight 90
Plies 5
Materials Ply: 5+2AC, Wood Material Arylate-Carbon
Thickness 6,0
There are 3 users using the DHS Fang Bo B2X.
Upgrade from the previous model: DHS Hurricane Fang Bo
Thickness before: 5.9, new: 6.0

Reviews (5)

vthoang1986  11 months ago

This blade is truly a gem. Must-have because of its performance. Switched from DHS PG9 and feel this B2X have the control of PG9, sooooo much balance but with more power. I tried DHS Long 5 but find it very hard to perform flat hit, you have to loop everything (unless you have good footwork and techniques, Long 5 never suit you). All of them are 89gr, rubbers: FH H3 Pro 40deg, BH H3-50 mid. With the same layers construction but the FB series always stiffer than the Long series and the price just only about 1/3. I think PG9 and B2X have the same stiffness but the Limba outer make the B2X have more dwell time and the ALC inner make it more stable. The thicker core compare to PG9 give B2X more power, more than PG9 with Koto outer. Overall it is a very very very well balance so switch FH/BH feel very natural. If your style is quick attack plus loop (Long 5 is loop plus quick attack) this blade is for you surely :D
Austinpower  on 8/15/2019

Very nice blade. I used DHS Hurricane Fang Bo B2, this blade is a bit stiffer and really better in hand than old version (BO B). New version B2X adjust the thickness , structure is same with old version , fiber inner to core .
OlaBonga  7 months ago

This is too fast for mortal humans. Fur me, it work well...just kidding. It is so fast that i have to back1 meter just to serve, i serve with a fh side/underspin, and im really really agressive in serving. As for the play, its veryfast. Among the 10 fstest blade i tried, but there is still control, and once you tamed it, youre going to have a good buddy for a long time
simeiboismasher  6 months ago

Used both rubbers is razka 7 soft. Very very good control. Its fun to play with and works very well on short and long play. The handle is nice and very good for attacking spin/ flat drive play. 👏👏👏
jimjay  9 months ago

Extremely fast and stiff blade with a VERY VERY LARGE SWEETSPOT. Pairs well with softer (45 degree?) rubber for backhand and harder rubbers for forehand (only if you are a hard hitter). FH: Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial Blue Sponge. BH: Xiom Vega Asia. Really gives so much spin when looping. However it requires a lot of power and footwork or else ball will go into the net.

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