DHS Fang Bo Carbon

DHS Fang Bo Carbon Blade
Approx. $ 72 USD
Price $

User Ratings (21)

Speed 9.4
Control 9.0
Stiffness 5.4   
Hardness 6.4   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.3   
Always identical
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 90
Plies 7
Thickness 5.9mm
There are 4 users using the DHS Fang Bo Carbon.
Pith-film tech with more power. Good handling and sstable loop. The blades of Fang Bo in 2016 season. Fitted Play: Quick-attack plus loop Type: OFF++ Ply: 5+2AC weight: FL 90 ± 3(g)/ CS 88 ± 3(g) thickness: 5.9 ± 0.1(mm)

Reviews (11)

Malkov1ch  on 11/17/2018

I really like this blade. It's my first carbon blade coming from a Mizuno Fortius FT which is a 7 ply fairly stiff wood blade. Great touch in the short game and feels like a wood blade. Mid distance shots were the initial challenge as the carbon would activate and shots would go long. After a little adjustment time this became a lot easier. Away from the table the blade is awesome, great for generating topspin and more than enough power. Wish it had a little more flex like the Hurricane 301. And to be honest I got the blade because the 301 wasn't available at the time. For the money though, pretty great.
Raziels  5 months ago

What a blade ! Combined it with DHS Gold Arc 8 Max thickness (FH) and Andro Rasant 2.15mm (BH) and created a legendary combo. Control & Speed are incredible with very good spin. My play has leveled in a day significantly. Blade's specifics are very similar with Ma Long 5, you can check and compare. Only difference is 1/4th price. Handle could be a problem for the ones having big hand, I have used overgrip and solved the problem. Highly recommended.
vanikys  6 months ago

очень маленькое пятно отскока по этой причине теряется контроль в короткой игре, в атаке иногда самому становится не понятно как полетит мяч если принял его не идеально а центр
AllanYeung  8 months ago

I used this acrylate-carbon blade in CPH for a few months. Normally I use Bty. Taksim, so still getting use to it. I put TSP/Victas 01, softer sponge rubbers on it. The sound is very loud as a hard blade, serving & control are good but looping topspin/hitting/blocking need to adjust a bit. This is not a blade for beginners, nice style, bigger head size than Bty., good for 40+ balls. It is called the little brother of Ma Long 5. For the price, it is definitely worth to try!
hakmurat  10 months ago

Almost hard blade, less flexibility. The blade is too strong. It's not easy to control. Senior players can love. Or suitable for frequent trainers. I quit because of the difficulty of checking.

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