DHS Hurricane 301

DHS Hurricane 301 Blade
Approx. $ 69 USD
Price $

User Ratings (64)

Speed 9.2
Control 9.5
Stiffness 4.1   
Hardness 5.4   
Consistency 9.1   
Always identical
Overall 9.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Plies 7
Materials 5 + 2 Arylate Carbon
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Reviews (33)

asokowa  on 9/8/2017

This blade is a slightly thinner version of the Hurricane Long 5 with two harder outer plies. It is slower than the Hurricane Long 5, however this blade has a longer dwell time, better control and crispier feeling. For less than one thirdof the price of a HL5, it is value for money.
Lightzy  on 12/2/2018

An incredibly precise blade. Very powerful and fast while also being incredibly controllable in the short game. Best blade I ever used for the short game. Speechless with the value of this blade. At first it felt too weak and my shots went too short, which was bewildering for an off++ blade. I adjusted and hit a bit more. Then I hit hard and the ball was much, much faster than I was used to with my previous blade. The gear range this blade has is incredible, and with such wonderful feeling.. I've never played such a fast blade that can go so slow and precise. Contact is always crisp feeling and.. clean. No words for it. Koto layer is great. Assembly, materials and weight distribution is of course a step behind $100+ "luxury" blades, but it is a fraction of the price and plays just as well. Also, it has a distinctly punchy, crisp wooden feel next-tier innerforce type blades all seem to lack. It has a special feeling all its own and a range of gears that feel very easy to unlock. Touch play is also superb thanks to the koto layers and relatively thin carbon layer I also disagree with reviewers who say it's extremely flexible. It's not. It's medium stiffness, the outer wood is Koto which is hard and stiff, and the ALC is also stiff. I think perhaps they haven't used really flexible blades. Fast carbon blade that does not feel like a frying pan Also there's some idiot who keeps hiking it's price here. You can find it for under 60$ on aliexpress
BMX2  on 5/13/2018

14-03-2018-Its a 5 layer blade-top layer=koto,2 layers ALC.Using it with Rakza 7 Soft(RED,BH),Xiom Vega Europe (Black,FH).It's a pretty thin blade(90 gram is what I asked and got).Looks beautiful.While gluing...the wood drank a lot of glue...needed 2 coats.Great loops,high+long arc....always lands on the end of the table,very controllable.Great sound and nice feel despite carbon ALC.Handle slips a bit as I sweat a lot,bit no big deal-I use anti sweat powder.Magical thing is ,touch play is immaculate,but if you hit,then whole blade comes alive and boom...Great from Mid distance too.Slower than TB ALC and Andro Trieber Z,but I have enough power to kill...don't need more really.What this means is -great for looping as I can hit faster,loop better,add more spin without the fear of ball going too long/out of table.Like someone above said:-''Contact is always crisp feeling ''.This blade I felt much more confident in looping on heavy backspin.....maybe its Vega Europe...but I feel blade does contribute a lot to that.Blocking is good too.Counter topspin hitting is amazing.I was able to do some great BH flick today....enjoyed the blade immensely.I am an EJ.....love to try various blades/rubbers...this one is a special addition to my collection.Update(12-05-2018)-on changing rubber...it splinters a lot...so sealing is recommended.
sd412  on 2/28/2019

tried it with Xiom Vega Pro and Vega Def 2,0mm on Fh and PimplePark Cluster OX on BH side. Amazing direct feeling and very good control. The speed variation is great, if you go for power shots it's definitely an off to off+ blade, on blocks and chops with pips it slows down to maybe an all+ blades speed. Spin is on a high level. Compared with Viscaria, Xiom Vega Pro, TB ALC, Stiga Carbonado and many other blades it definitely is my personal favorite blade so far. It can hit as fast as Viscaria and Timo Boll ALC while maintaining the control of Xiom Vega Pro blade and spin potential of the Carbonado blade. And all of that for a way lower price! Think my journey of searching for the perfect blade for my style has an end. Craftsmanship is good, edges need some sanding and i'd advise to seal the blade, as every other blade too. I really like the design of the H301 too. My blade is 82g and i think it was 158x151mm head size. Might loose some control and gain speed if u get a heavy blade, but still believe it will be very controllable too. At professional level of play players might want some blades with more speed and a little less flex, but for average it's great for stepping up form all+ blades without loosing control.
TTCP  on 6/11/2018

Warning: I just changed rubbers on my H301, and there's slight splintering. I suggest first time users to seal or at least smooth the blade surface with 2000 grit sandpaper before applying glue. I've been using DHS PG5 for the past few months. H301 is very similar to PG5. Both are looping blades and both have arylate carbon layers next to the core ply. H301 is thinner, flexier, and faster than PG5. H301 has a low throw angle, but it's very dependent on the rubbers used. My experience with tacky Chinese rubber on H301 is that you can easily product high arcing shots, as well as low flat loops. It all depends on your stroke. H301's flexibility allows for great dwell time, while it's hardness allows for effective blocking. This blade also has many gears. It can be very slow on soft shots; but when you put in more power, the shots become very fast and spinny. I can easily recommend this blade to any players who have primarily looping games.

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