DHS Hurricane Bo 2 (Hurricane B2)

DHS Hurricane Bo 2 (Hurricane B2) Blade
Approx. $ 70 USD
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User Ratings (13)

Speed 9.5
Control 9.2
Stiffness 5.0   
Hardness 6.2   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.5   
Always identical
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 9
Control 9.0 / 9
Weight 90
Plies 7
Materials Hurricane BO (Hurricane B) is with 7 ply pure wood; Hurricane BO 2 (Hurricane B2) is with 5 + 2 arylate carbon
Thickness 5.9
There are 3 users using the DHS Hurricane Bo 2 (Hurricane B2).
It has a very similar structure with Hurricane Long series.

Reviews (7)

Sumpan  on 3/31/2017

Currently using this and love it, after testing some other blades i finally found a blade to settle with. Similar playing characteristics as Hurricane Long 5, however Hurricane Bo 2 is a bit harder, while HL5 is a tad more flexy and bouncier. Neither is better or worse, just a matter of preference. For me, the Hurricane Bo 2 is easier in touch and short game than HL5, still it is also flexy and a real looping machine (I use Rakza 7 FH and Rakza 7 soft BH). Surprisingly good control even though it doesnt lack any power from mid-distance. Very easy to flick with and my backhand has never been better. You may ask why the big price difference to HL5? When I compare, it seems that the HL5 outer plys look a bit more exlusive and "nice" compared to HB2, and also the the edges of the HB2 outer plys are more rough while the edges on the HL5 seems rounded and smooth. I guess the quality control is bigger on the HL5 also, but that is just a guess. But that is nothing that makes a difference in playing characteristics, my HB2 is playing like a dream and I will probably buy some backup blades of it because blades of DHS comes and goes quickly. Fang Bo didn't do well in the chinese trials, and if this blade disappears maybe a new cheaper version of HL5 won't be released.... Plys are following: Limba-Limba-Arylate Carbon-Ayous-Arylate Carbon-Limba-Limba.
afvirus  on 11/25/2016

This blade for type player with fast attack with loop, very love this blade ,this my new weapon for a long time , fastest with spin tornado .Forehand Dhs Hurricane Neo 3 2.2mm with orange sponge and Backhand Donic Bluefire M1 , incredible weapon
bizeizei  on 4/11/2019

Awesome blade plays a lot like HL5..if u want blade like HL5 but cheaper then just buy this imo the quality is downgraded a bit..but no prob still play as good as HL5..just a little bit stiffer..it can be paired with h3 neo..the quality is good..large sweespot..con: the handle is a little bit too thin..headsize is smaller than hl5 so a little bit less dwell time but easier to backhand flick than hl5 which is hard because its too big..overall awesome blade for its price!!recommended
Hozuki  on 11/18/2018

Very well balanced blade in all aspects, with a soft touch. Stiff enough for consistent blocking, flexible enough for looping with good arc. If you prefer soft limba outer ply and have played with a clipper-type blade and now want to change to carbon for more speed and mid distance looping improvement, this is a good choice. Good for poly ball. I think you should use softer rubber with this, or you will have problems opening up. 45 degree is enough, trust me, but on FH you can go up to 48. (assuming you don't boost excessively) Not so good for me as I prefer Koto outer and we are still playing with celluloid as well as seamless AND abs, so it is too fast in some instances.
jasa  on 3/30/2018

Playing with DHS B2 for a couple weeks now, 15~20 h practice in training and tournament competition in total, so I've already a fair opinion on it. Weight is 90 g. Glued Xiom Vega Pro max FH, Vega Euro max BH, brand new rubbers. Don't ever played with DHS Long 5, so cannot compare DHS L5 with DHS B2. First, DHS B2 is not a OFF+ blade; for me, it is in the OFF- range (near OFF, perhaps -- I have a Vega Pro on a Joola Wing Passion Extreme, which is clearly a OFF+ blade, and there is a huge difference in relation with the DHS B2); It took me a few training sessions to adjust BH push to pass over the net with this blade. OFF- means though that you put most attacks on the table, without going over the table. Second, this is a blade with outstanding control, not stiff, not bouncy either. Third, the blade+rubbers set keeps going better as the rubbers become "tamed" and less crisp. Now it starts to produce very good looping, all control shots (push, block, reception) are very good, but to attack from mid distance you have to put some energy in the shots. Service spin is just good, but not overwhelming. For the price it costs (around 40 USD, buying directly from China) this is a very good buy. Recommended to people used to allround blades (and play) who want to develop a "spicier" game, or to exuberant attackers who want to lay more balls on the table :-) Nevertheless, a great buy. (Extra note: some guys complained about the small handle, but I disagree; I am a 1.90 m tall guy, with a long hand, and find the B2 handle very comfortable and maneuverable, without the need of a "tape filler/protection" in the handle; and I move a lot the blade in my hand).

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