DHS Hurricane H-WL

DHS Hurricane H-WL Blade
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User Ratings (24)

Speed 9.5
Control 8.5
Stiffness 7.1   
Hardness 7.4   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.6   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 87g
Plies 5
There are 7 users using the DHS Hurricane H-WL.

Reviews (15)

dfigue  on 6/11/2019

excelente madero para atacar y bloquear lo utilice por 3 años recomendado es pura madera tiene hinoki
S20081983  on 11/6/2016

All wood 5 ply blade with great speed, superb control and awesome feeling. To spin, you have to play your stroke with arm or wrist otherwise it will give you a counterdrive like stroke..but if you have good technique, you can get awesome spin out of it.. Loop from mid table is easy and with spin.. Transition between any shot is possible because of the great control and feeling.. Initially felt a bit slow but now I feel like understanding this blade so am able to produce speed and spin at will.. Have H3neo in forehand and 729 battle 2 in backhand.. Yes, a bit unusual combination but the tacky 729 allows me to produce enormous spin in my backhand stroke.. Arc of blade is medium high so won't have to adjust much to anyone.. Handle of blade is awesome but a bit heavy for me which is quite manageable.. Blocking a topspin or receiving short spiny serves are easy.. Touch play OK.. No real con for this blade is found after using it for 4 months.. Only became a fan of it.. Give it a try.. real classic all wood offensive blade... Not for defenders...
quicklooper  on 3/11/2016

One of the classic pure offensive wood. It’s thin, which is very good in swinging fast. This blade excels in all-out offense. If you've learned to use this blade well you can play an excellent third ball attack or even hard topspin to topspin rally especially on mid distance. Paired with Hurricane III Provincial, Rasant Power Grip or Rhyzm in FH while Acuda S2 on BH wow! it’s a nice combinations. Smashing and counterlooping is excellent and often deadly to your opponent.
McPat715  on 10/24/2014

Pour les attaquants modernes, ce bois est exceptionnel en vitesse tout en gardant un contr´le au dessus de la moyenne. De plus le rapport qualit©-prix est incomparable ;-)
jaffarlone  on 9/8/2014

I have used this blade since March 2013. Prior to that i was using Donic's Chuan Senso Carbon. This blade is simply stunning. The counters are good, the blocks are decent.. and the biggest threat.. the top spin. Once you play a bit with this blade you realize why WL used this blade. It is excellent.. overall it gives you just about everything that you can ask for. Good spin on the service, decent short game (mind out, this blade is primarily for the attackers/loopers,i do not claim to be an all out attackers, more of an all-around player with decent forehand spin). All that being said, i should bring to light the cons of this blade. In order to use this blade effectively you need to train. Otherwise you will get tired very easily :). The handle is heavy, which means your hands need to be able to absorb the strain of all out attack for the duration of the match that you are playing. Other than that though i really cant say anything bad about this blade. i use this blade with Donic's desto f-1 on the forehand and Andro's hexer duro on the backhand. It serves me well as i have a short-fast style for topspins with aggressive blocks. In general i'd say that use soft rubbers on both sides, to truly make use of this looping machine. In the end i would say, thank you DHS, for making such a wonderful blade (am not certain if the blade entirely was made by dhs since it says dhs-nittaku on the handle). Good job DHS hope you make more of these blade in the future :)

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