DHS Hurricane Hao 656

DHS Hurricane Hao 656 Blade
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User Ratings (16)

Speed 8.7
Control 9.3
Stiffness 6.2   
Hardness 7.4   
Medium hard
Consistency 7.7   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 86g +/- 1g
Plies 5
Thickness 6.1
There are 1 users using the DHS Hurricane Hao 656.
Hurricane Hao 656
Swift and fierce.
Wang Hao's blade exclusively designed for the Era of inorganic glue. Just like the dynamic spirit, improves the hitting effect. The short hits become more changeable and threatening. Those medium-long ones have the stability as well as the wonderful changes. Thickened core ply improves the speed via its power. Using the new image of Wang Liqin as the bottom.
The reverse side of the blade uses the design of shell-style lines.

Reviews (6)

dangerhow  on 2/14/2017

This has a very nice feeling on hand. Very flexible and so much control on it. I can easily brush loop using hard rubber such as DHS Hurricane 8 and Tibhar Evolution MX-P. This blade also has a very large head and I rarely miss the ball when using it. Come with the nice packaging and pretty reasonable price for a blade with such quality. The only thing I don't really like is the handle is just too thin for me.
TTExperience  on 1/1/2016

I have the Chinese Penhold version and play a style similar to Wang Hao's. It may not have the most power, but my shots feel very stable, which I definitely appreciate, and the short game is easier for me to play. To me, this seems like the ultimate RPB looping blade, so if you loop and use RPB, this should be one of the first ones on your list. (Also, stay on the offensive. This blade is at its best when you consistently loop while attacking.)
zovier  on 12/21/2013

Still the best rpb blade in market. Fh power might be lack but rubber adjustments will solve this issue. I had the cpen hh2 version.
russell tong jia hui  on 12/20/2011

It has 2 layers of blue coloured wood which can bit the ball for more time.A good blade
david  on 10/2/2011

nice blade

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