DHS Hurricane Hao

DHS Hurricane Hao Blade
Approx. $ 89 USD
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User Ratings (14)

Speed 8.1
Control 8.9
Stiffness 4.2   
Hardness 5.7   
Consistency 6.5   
Occasional variations
Overall 8.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 11 / 12
Control 11 / 12
Weight 80g +/- 4g
Plies 5
Thickness 5.7mm
There are 4 users using the DHS Hurricane Hao.
DHS supply you the best weapons to perform your playing
techniques perfectly. By remitting efforts for half a century, DHS
demonstrates countless legends of champions. As the global well-known
sports brand and equipment supplier for Olympic Games, DHS will
unswervingly take the most primal, sincere enthusiasm in sports and
take the most reliable spirit in its profession, and will demonstrate
the next legend together with you.

Hurricane, the blade for different world champions with
different power, is designed by world experts.


Reviews (7)

blaster10  on 12/31/2014

I have previously used darker speed 90 penhold and move to Yeo for RPB. I have decided to purchase DHS hurricane after reading some review and also was hoping that the blade will be good for RPB. If you are thinking that please do not invest in hurricane hao. It is not worth the value and I am comparing directly with Yasaka Extra offensive blade. I have sticked yasaka 7 for both fh and bh. Hurricane Hao has no power for fh loop and it is definitely not spinner than yeo. For bh RPB, it is not comparable with Yeo. Yeo has more speed and power compare to hurricane hao. Hurricane hao seems to have a slightly higher throw than yeo but trade off is not worth it. Pls avoid this blade. When people say lack of power it really is. Worse than premade bat
Anonymous  on 3/22/2012

I have been using the Hurricane Hao flared for about 3 months now. I have also used the Hao in cpen for half a year as well. There's a TG 2 neo on the forehand and a Mars V2 on the backhand. I bought the hao on eBay for 70 dollars from a vendor in Shenzhen, China. The plies were exactly the same kind of wood and layering as the cpen but there was a different design on the forehand side - this seemed to be the only difference and the playing characteristics were the same as the cpen. If you're thinking about authenticating your Hao, all of them should come with a scratch off sticker on the handle which reveals a string of numbers which you can enter into a DHS website to see if they actually made it. If you buy it with the option to receive the the original packaging I'd suggest doing it because not only is it presented nicely but the sturdy box makes an excellent carrying case. I would agree the DHS ranking of "Off++" is incorrect and that it is more "Off-". While noticeably more powerful than an "All+" blade, there is still a fair amount of control. Similar reviews have noted the lack of a "crisp" hitting feeling but that's because of the amount of flex, which, I believe, makes this a solid looping blade. Someone mentioned the Hao is linear, which I would agree with. I cannot speak of its ability to play far from the table because I tend to only play close/mid. From close/mid range i do not notice any lack of ability to clear balls over net while still keeping power. Normal blocks, while controllable, do not kick back as hard but should not be considered slow either. Coming from using the LKT Instinct and the Yasaka YEO, it was a pleasant surprise to find the short game of the Hao was very well-rounded. Pushes, for the most part, stayed lowed and the kick behind flips were decent. As mentioned, the looping aspect of the blade is what tends to draw people to it. No differences seemed to occur for forehand loops vs backhand loops. Smashes and flat hits may not be a problem with the Hao but there is a lack of control and the power created from smashes/flat hits may require extra effort to really overpower your opponent. Lastly, the Hao does provide solid, noticeable vibrations, but the vibrations from the cpen compared to the flared version seems to be different. The cpen vibrations solid and quick. I felt this gave me good feed back on where it hit the ball and how well it was struck. On the flared version, the vibrations were softer and lingered a tad longer. Overall the vibrations may be ignored on the flare version; however I don't really see this as a good or bad consequence. I did not seal the blade but have replaced rubbers on it. Only a small piece of wood on the top edge chipped away but the majority of the surface as well as the printed design are intact. I enjoy using this blade. I'll admit I would not believe it earns the 70 US dollar price tag (a couple of years ago it was around 100); probably rightly priced in the 50-60 dollar range. I have personal, sentimental reasons for buying the blade so that's why I mainly choose it as the blade I'm sticking with. In my opinion, while it may not be a beginner's blade one can certainly use it as such without having its characteristics such as the flew or power over power your innate skills and hinder you from progressing. As an end note, its important to consider your own style and level of progress and before investing in the Hao - as in all purchases. This said, the 70 price tag is not so outrageously high to prevent a purchase.
killergirls  on 6/16/2019

Yes, the control is very good for short game up to about 4 feet away from the table. More than that your return shots will be quite weak. It lacks power and does not feel threatening at all to your opponent. RPB is easy to execute cos of the longer dwell time though it is more for spinny loopings rather than fast loopings. The Ma Lin Extra Off is a better blade overall and provides more power and about the same control too.
cpen guy  on 4/1/2011

i use cpen version. flexible and med-soft blade (so not really fast. not a easy one to use as its not that crisp. but the power lies in the flexibility and vibrations it give you at handle. good for consistent stroke and rallies.
Anonymous  on 6/14/2010

very good for looping and close table attack. this is my favourite blade so far.

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