DHS Hurricane King 655

DHS Hurricane King 655 Blade
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Speed 8.4
Control 8.6
Stiffness 5.3   
Hardness 6.7   
Medium hard
Consistency 7.5   
Always identical
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 86g
Plies 5
Thickness 6.0mm
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Hurricane King 655 Blade

A mix of strength and delicacy. Wang Liqin's blade designed for the era of inorganic glue. Like 3 sophisticated and powerful engine which keeps the exquisite handle and control of Hurrican King at the same time.

The slightly thickened material bring out the amazing upgrade of the speed and power.

No matter which strategy he uses, the quick loop, and long-distance attack, strong and medium force, the player could firmly hold the advantage over the opponent by the strong attacking effect.

Available in Flared and C-Pen handles.

Reviews (6)

DadNole  on 10/4/2011

I have played with some very high quality offensive-minded equipment over the years, including the 9th Wonder, Acoustic, Photino, and Amultart, but the HK 655 tops that list for friendly play, power, and touch. By friendly I mean easy-to-use for those of us table tennis addicts whose names are not listed in the Top 100 in the US. FYI: the HK is not the blade for the newbie; try the W6 mentioned below, then move up when your coach says you are ready. Note I have rated the HK control as 8/10, which says it has tremendous control, given the amounts of power and speed it offers. Consider I rate the wonderful (and inexpensive) Galaxy W6 as 9.5/10 because, as a looping blade, I have found none more flexible and user-friendly (FWIW, the only reason I do not use that blade is because it lacks power at mid-distance). As for speed, I rate the HK as 9/10; the only blade I have hit with that rated a 10/10 was an old Gergely, which played like a sheet of granite, with laser speed, but zero control. Anyway, understand the HK is VERY fast and VERY powerful, but WILL slow down on command; in other words, it is not at all like that old 1-speed Gergely. Truth is I have not worked much close to the table with it yet, because with this blade I cannot imagine spending much time there. This blade WANTS to play at mid-distance; because of the confidence it offers the looper, YOU want to play at mid-distance. That confidence comes from more touch and flex than I thought possible from a blade this quick. Perhaps it is the all-wood construction that makes me perceive the HK to be more flexible than others rate it, but that flex makes it possible to produce faster, more spinney, more powerful loop-drives than I have ever been able to do. I also note that a couple reviewers around the forums questioned the smashing ability of this blade; perhaps because I just recently put away the long pips (again), I have no problem with flat hitting at all. In fact, I look forward to smashing because the HK speed is far greater than the fabulous Acoustic (my former #1) and nearly that of the Amultart. I should note I play with light, very soft-sponge inverted rubbers (Boost TS, F3 Big Slam), which really helps the control; your mileage may vary if you load up the hard and heavy Tenergys. Bottom line: with touch that belies its impressive power and speed, and with enough flex to pull that loop down to the back edge of the table, the HK is truly an amazing offensive-oriented blade. Borrow one from a friend to try, then start saving your nickels and dimes. Not sure I would give $239 for it (DHS site price), but there is one retailer out there offering the HK 655 for $140. That is a very good deal if it is the real thing. Keep Swinging! NPR
MajstorBob  on 4/7/2016

Great blade!!!
DigitalGrounder  on 1/3/2016

Okay I've played with quite a few blades but this one has left a very good impression as far as performance goes. I have it paired with hurricane 3 neo on the forehand side and yasaka mk v hps on the backhand side. Since this blade has a decent amount of flex to it with good stiffness. I can loop fantastically, and drive dangerously. The blade with hurricane 3 neo on forehand produces a very very very high arc that looks beautiful. This blade loops better than palio tct, and even better than dhs hurricane long 3. I can produce a lot of spin on both forehand and backhand. I can perform chops very efficiently when needed. And over the top play performed great. It performs great far from the table and mid range. It's better mid range than it is far from the table. Great blade highly recommend.
powerlefty  on 8/4/2012

Great control allwood blade that looks beautiful out of the box. There are several weight variations between blades however, and the one I had weighed only 83 grams and took too much effort to attack with. The feeling and control was great however despite the apparent lack of power.
Ryan  on 1/11/2011

Simply the best blade I have ever played. I feel sorry for all the Butterfly players that never even think to try this blade. If you are too cheap to buy it, then find a way to try it. Great control and power. Close or far from the table. Smash or loop. I wouldn't use it to chop, but in a pinch it works great. The sweet spot extends through the bottom of the handle. Amazing blade. One complaint is that the wood can come off when replacing sheets. Remove carefully and pull across the grain. Also the metal work on the handle can come off. No big deal, but just realize that is normal.

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